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Many radio control enthusiasts get their start in the hobby with an RC car or RC truck. That’s a good idea. Getting the hang of a model that stays on the ground, most of the time, is a little easier than controlling one that also challenges the law of gravity. While RC cars are easier to control than their flying counterparts of helicopters and airplanes, some vehicles are still high-performance machines that are loaded with powerful, sophisticated engineering. That brings up one of the most exciting things to do with RC cars - race them! Tower Hobbies has a very wide range of RC vehicles to choose from. At the small end of the scale are electric-powered RC micro/mini vehicles, that can be raced almost anywhere! At the other extreme is the large scale remote control power house machines which are great for large parks and dedicated tracks!

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Need Help? Let us guide you to a great RC car or truck with everything you want in your ideal basher vehicle! First we'll ask you a few simple questions. Upon asking the last question in a series, you'll be automatically directed to a list of bashers selected just for you.

RC Car & RC Truck Categories

Picking out your first RC vehicle is an exciting part of the RC hobby. Many of today's most popular choices arrive Ready-to-Run. Also known as "RTRs," these RC vehicles usually come complete with a 2-or 3-Channel radio, motor, ESC, batteries, and more. These RTR's allow you to get to driving much more easily, and faster than having to put together your vehicle like in RC kits. There is also a middle-ground known as a Roller, because they are mostly put together, but do not come with any electronics. These Rollers are a great intermediate step for someone looking to get their second or third vehicle.

Vehicles Up To 40+ mph
Vehicles Up To 40+ mph
Unlock up to 40+ mph speed potential with these top selling cars and trucks!
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Vehicles 50 - 65+ mph
Vehicles 50 - 65+ mph
Shop our most popular speed range with vehicles that pair brushless power and incredible performance.
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Vehicles 70+ mph
Vehicles 70+ mph
Satisfy your need for speed and explore ultra tough vehicles capable of reaching 70+ mph!
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Check out our most popular RC cars and RC trucks in stock that have just hit the market. Tower Hobbies offers the newest developments in RC vehicle technology, so you can stay ahead of the competition with the fastest, best handling RC cars & trucks on the market.

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Losi Promoto-MX

Realism in a Remote Control Motorcycle

The Losi Promoto-MX isn't the first scale RC motorcycle that's ever been sold, but it is the first one that accurately reproduces the full experience of riding a real motorcycle or dirt bike. The Losi Promoto-MX sets the standard in RC Motorcycle performance! Its mechanical and electronic technologies work in harmony to accurately reproduce the full moto experience.

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New Releases - RC Cars & Trucks

Get your pre-order in now for the latest RC cars and RC trucks! Don't miss out on being one of the first to get your hands on some of the hottest and newest RC vehicles on the market. Check out the newest RC cars and trucks from brands such as ARRMA, Axial, Associated, Losi, Kyosho, Team Losi Racing, Redcat, RC4WD, Tamiya, and more.

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RC vehicles are available in several Completion Levels. The Ready-to-Run (RTR) RC cars and trucks are perfect for new hobbyists and anyone who wants to start driving immediately. Rollers and Kits require at least some assembly and enable experienced modelers to select their own radios, power systems, and other items to create a custom rig.

RTR (Ready-To-Run) Vehicles
RTR (Ready-To-Run) Vehicles
Remote control cars and trucks in ready-to-run (RTR) form usually include the factory-built RC vehicle plus a radio system, motor or engine, and nearly everything else needed to drive right out of the box.
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Rollers Vehicles
Rollers Vehicles
Roller vehicles come pre-assembled without electronics so you can choose your own radio equipment, motor, ESC, battery, and charger. Refer to the vehicle’s product detail page for a full list of the completion items required.
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Kit Vehicles
Kit Vehicles
RC car kits are the perfect hobby for anyone who enjoys tinkering with mechanical devices and learning how they work. In fact, much of the engineering inside a radio control car or truck kit closely follows that of full-size automobiles, reproduced in a smaller scale.
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Vehicle Types

You can drive with RC buggies, truggies, drifters, rock crawlers, stadium trucks, short course trucks, lowriders, monster trucks…practically any on- or off-road RC vehicle. Continue your search for the best RC vehicle by type here.



Radio-control vehicles come in all on- and off-road styles — buggies, truggies, scalers, rock crawlers, rock racers, stadium trucks, short course trucks, and monster trucks. If a certain type of RC car or truck appeals to you, start there and narrow your preferences. Would you rather drive your RC car in the dirt or on the pavement? Do you enjoy realistic scale looks? You’ll find great models in nearly every RC vehicle category.


Power Types and Drivetrains

Radio-controlled models can use a variety of power types. Those with electric motors require less maintenance and are more beginner-friendly. Vehicles with gasoline or nitro engines offer realistic sound and never need to have batteries recharged.

When deciding between a 2WD or 4x4 RC, ask the question, what kind of driving will you do? For easier handling, especially over rough terrain, you'll want a 4WD. If you're itching to perform jumps, wheelies, and stunts, get a 2WD vehicle.

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No matter what your price or skill level, we have a ton of RC car options for you. Check out all of our options based on your budget and find which RC car will work for your goals.

RC Vehicle Parts & Accessories

Looking to make a repair, or upgrade to your current RC model? We have everything you need to keep your RC vehicle on track, including batteries, chargers, motors, hardware, and spare parts.

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