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RC tools are an essential part of the hobby for both RC airplanes and vehicles. They are designed to make repairs, upgrades, and maintenance tasks easier and more efficient. For RC airplanes, specific tools such as prop balancers and wing joiner tools are necessary for ensuring smooth and stable flight. In contrast, RC vehicles require tools such as hex drivers and pliers for making adjustments to the suspension, steering, and drive train. In addition to RC specific tools, plastic model kits also have a wide range of tools that are used to assemble, paint, and finish the models. These tools range from basic cutting tools like hobby knives, to more specialized tools like sprue cutters and hobby saws. Plastic models often require glue, paint, and decals, which can be applied using brushes, airbrushes, and other specialty tools. Whether building an RC vehicle or a plastic model, having the right tools is essential for achieving a high-quality result and a rewarding hobby experience.