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Traditionally, most pilots agree that RC helicopters are the single most challenging RC models to build and operate. They’re mechanically complex. They require you to master two distinctly different skills, forward flight and hovering. And to pilot them successfully, your FULL attention is required. However, flying RC helis is becoming easier than ever. Recently, manufacturers such as Blade have made some impressive advances to give more hobbyists a better shot at getting a heli in the air and keeping it there. Pilots new and old alike will find that Blade helis are ultra-durable and easier to fly than an airplane.

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Skill Level 1 "trainer" helicopters are perfect for beginners and first-time. Skill Level 2 helicopters are a great choice for intermediate pilots who already have some experience with previous aircraft. Skill Level 3 helicopters are suitable for more experienced pilots who already have experience with similar class models.

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There’s never been a better time to find a heli that’s just right for you. Thanks to advances in batteries and motors, choices in electric RC helis are at an all-time high. RC helicopters are available in Kit and BNF (Bind-N-Fly) forms, almost all RTF (Ready-to-Fly) helis are electrics. RTFs are a huge convenience, especially for new pilots: it’s not only assembled, but almost all required items are included!

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Check out our most popular RC helicopters in stock! Tower Hobbies offers newest in RC helicopter advancements, so you can get flying sooner.

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Check out all of our options based on your budget and find which RC helicopter will work for your current skill level. We offer ready-to-fly options as well as RC helicopter kits.


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Learn to fly with RealFlight before flying the "real thing"! Check out the best RC flying simulator available for your PC, RealFlight. Realflight offers a wide variety of airplanes, helicopters, and multirotor aircraft for you to fly. It is a fun, safe, and worry-free way to learn how to fly RC aircraft.

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Looking to make a repair, or upgrade to your current RC helicopter model? We have everything you need to keep your RC helicopter soaring, including RC helicopter batteries, chargers, engines, hardware, motors and spare parts.

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