Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8 4WD Kit

Winning design. World-class innovation.

The DEX8 is engineered to deliver the ultimate 1/8 scale electric racing experience. Loaded with all-new innovations that make it the premier racer’s kit, the DEX8 is the perfect platform for getting faster lap times – right out of the box. Whether you’re prepping for a podium win at the local track or breaking records at the Regional and National levels, the DEX8 is ready to take you to the top!
Length: 20.6 in (522 mm) Width: 12.1 in (307 mm) Height: 7.3 in (186 mm) Weight: 7.8 lb (3.2 kg) Wheelbase: 12.7-12.9 in (323-327 mm) Requirements: 1/8 brushless motor, Brushless ESC, 2-channel radio and receiver, 1 high-torque steering servo, Two 2S 5000mAh (min.) LiPo batteries, LiPo-compatible charger, 1/8 off-road tires, 1/8 buggy wheels with 17 mm hex fit, Building and track equipment
  • Fully adjustable pivot ball suspension with square hinge pin inserts provides more options for front-end mods. Use the included 5 mm flat key to make adjustments. Galvanized components protect against oxygenation.
  • Balanced front and rear geometry results in dependable handling.
  • Ultra-lightweight differentials with composite cross shafts increase acceleration.
  • Easy-access center diff installs with only four screws for fast tuning.
  • Center universal joints minimize heat transfer and maximize drivetrain efficiency.
  • Ultra-tough composite and steel components for lasting performance.
  • Clunk-style fuel tank with extra-wide gutter and spillage evacuation system, compatible with all fuel bottles.
  • Adjustable, four-position Ackermann.
  • Ultra-lightweight 50T spur gear with metal insert for the diff outdrive.
  • ESC tray with mesh drill holes.
  • Adjustable wing.
  • Floating rear body mount adds durability.
  • Fully waterproof receiver box with rubber and foam seals.
  • Fully enclosed battery box, designed to accommodate NiMHs, LiPos and LiFes.
  • Receiver and battery box lids are compatible with a wide variety of aftermarket decals.

Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8T 4WD Kit - chassis
3 mm hard-anodized 7075 T6 aluminum chassis with precision mounting holes and milled shock towers reduce weight and increase durability. Etched parts deliver high quality and impressive style.
Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8T 4WD Kit - gear mesh
Patent-pending sliding gear mesh ensures your motor stays in the same position, regardless of adjustments. Equalized weight distribution makes handling more consistent. Fast, easy pinion changes result in efficient gear tuning. Easy-access center diff does not affect motor positioning.
Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8T 4WD Kit - Shocks
16 mm Big Bore aluminum shocks with vented shock caps and a choice of constant volume and emulsion bodies.
Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8T 4WD Kit - body
The ultra-tough, aerodynamic polycarbonate body delivers the perfect combination of durability and weight balance.
Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8T 4WD Kit - Faster Maintenance
The innovative front/rear gearbox and differentials provide hassle-free servicing and faster tuning options. Faster maintenance means more time on the track!
Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8T 4WD Kit - Center Differential
The easy-access center differential simplifies servicing. Designed for maximum time savings, so you can be prepared for intense racing!
Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8T 4WD Kit - Caster Inserts
Independent active caster inserts help you make the most of the dynamic, adjustable pivot ball suspension. Can be fine-tuned in a matter of minutes!
Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8T 4WD Kit - Preassembled Parts
Premium preassembled parts help you get in on the action faster than ever before. Push your vehicle to the limits, thanks to top-notch Team Durango quality.
Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8T 4WD Kit - Shock Caps
Super-strong shock cap covers reduce damage in the event of a rollover.
Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8T 4WD Kit - Mud Guards
Rear mud guards keep driveshafts operating efficiently in all conditions. Rear mud scrapers keep your wheels spinning freely.
Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8T 4WD Kit - Aluminum Inserts
Premium aluminum inserts reduce friction wear and heat. All are factory-molded into the gearbox cases for added security.
Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8T 4WD Kit - Tuning Options
Multiple, simple and consistent tuning options help you advance your vehicle’s performance while saving time in the pits with ultra-flexible set-up configurations.
Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8T 4WD Kit - Weight Configuration
Create custom weight configurations with multiple battery layout options. Experience faster lap times and impressive agility as you explore each new option.
Team Durango® 1/8 DEX8T 4WD Kit - Standard Hardware
Standardized hardware and precision-manufactured manufacturing holes ensure that you get in on the racing action quicker than the competition!
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