RC Buying Guide

RC Vehicles Buying Guide

Consider Your Budget And Skills

A simpler, slower vehicle may not be your dream, but it IS the best way to get started. And remember, you can upgrade parts later to boost speed and power. Knowing what you're getting into helps, too. Perhaps one of the best sources of information are your own RC buds. Ask your friends!

Best Beginner RC Vehicles

Picking out your first vehicle is perhaps the most exciting part of RC. Many of today's most popular choices arrive Ready-to-Run. Also known as "RTRs". These vehicles usually come complete with a radio, motor, batteries and more already installed and ready to go. These vehicles are usually targeted at new hobbyists and "backyard" drivers. However, that doesn't necessarily mean you are settling for less performance. As your skills grow, you can improve your model's speed and operation with upgrades. In short, RTRs are perfect if you are new to the hobby. When you choose a vehicle, make sure you understand what it does and does not include. Follow the "Needed To Complete" section on a product page for the model you choose to see a list of the items you'll need to start driving and enjoying the hobby.

Starting Beginner Vehicles
Starting Beginner Vehicles
The easiest way to get started! Battery packs and chargers are included in the box! These RC vehicles are a perfect choice for a beginner, with many types and styles to choose from.
Everything Included
Rock Crawlers
Beginner Rock Crawlers
The ultimate go-anywhere vehicles! Built to conquer any obstacle mother nature can put in front of them; logs, gravel, rocks, and boulders! Since the goal of RC crawling is to get through challenging outdoor terrain, these models prioritize maneuverability over speed. They are great for beginners!
Trail Ready
Best Bashers
Best Bashers
RC Bashers are built for rough terrain, flips, jumps, and wheelies. There is nothing more satisfying than watching gravel and dirt fly! Pull back the throttle and have some fun!
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Recommended Vehicles

Below are some proven options—models that customers have told us gave them an excellent start in the hobby.

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