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N EMD SD70ACe Southern Pacific Heritage with Paragon4, UP #1996

Item No. BLI7036
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3.4 out of 5 Customer Rating

N EMD SD70ACe Southern Pacific Heritage with Paragon4, UP #1996

Item No. BLI7036
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The SD70ACe is the successor to the older SD70MAC. Built from 2004 to 2014 in the United States, the SD70ACe was originally designed to comply with EPA Tier 2 locomotive emissions regulations.
Key Features
  • Paragon4 Sound & Control System
  • Integral Dual-Mode Decoder with Back EMF
  • All Wheel Electrical Pick-up
  • ABS Plastic Body with Die Cast Chassis
  • Premium Caliber Painting
In The Box
  • (1) N EMD SD70ACe Locomotive


Beginning in 2012, newly built SD70ACes were EPA Tier 3 compliant. SD70ACes are equipped with EMD's 16-710-G3C-T2 prime mover, rated at 4,300 horsepower (3,200 kW). Later Tier 3 models are rated at 4,500 horsepower (3,400 kW). They are rated at 157,000 lbf (700 kN) continuous tractive effort (191,000 lbf (850 kN) starting). Braking effort is rated at 106,000 lbf (470 kN). Although mechanically similar to earlier SD70 units, the SD70ACe rides on a new underframe and uses mostly new sheet metal above the frame. Electrical cables and air lines have been routed beneath the walkways on opposite sides, allowing easier access for maintenance. Continuing the designs of the SD80 and SD90 series, the radiator on the locomotive is nearly as wide as the cab, the center hood section is a step down below the roofline, and the dynamic brakes have been moved to the rear of the hood. The SD70ACe uses the cab design of late-model SD90MAC-H units, which uses rectangular window glass and is externally different from the two cab variations used on earlier SD70M and SD70MAC units. In 2008, EMD standardized the isolated cab on subsequent SD70ACes after non-isolated cab units were restricted from leading on BNSF Railway due to excessive cab vibration.


  • Paragon4 Sound and Control System featuring ROLLING THUNDER
  • Integral Dual-Mode Decoder with Back EMF for Superb Slow Speed Operation in DC and DCC
  • Precision Drive Mechanism Engineered for Heavy Towing and Smooth Slow Speed Operation
  • All Wheel Electrical Pick-up (except for rubber traction tire)
  • ABS Plastic Body with Die Cast Chassis for Maximum Tractive Effort
  • Premium Caliber Painting
  • Prototypically Accurate Paint Schemes and Road Numbers
  • Many Separately Applied Details such as Handrails, Grab Irons, Horn, Bell, and Cut Levers
  • Prototypical Light Operation with Separately Controllable Headlight, Rear Light, Cab Light, and Front Ditch Lights
  • Prototypically Accurate Sounds for an EMD SD70ACe Locomotive
  • Microtrains-compatible Couplers (2)
  • Will Operate on Code 55, Code 70, and Code 80 Rail
  • Minimum Operating Radius: 9.75 inches


Broadway Limited's 2022 production is the third run of SD70ACe's in N scale, and the first with their Paragon4 DC/DCC sound and control system. In this run they are offering models in 18 different paint schemes. Each one has detail variations accurate for each paint scheme. The variations include low and high headlight, isolated and non-isolated cab, long and short sunshades, two brake wheel variations, three cab roof variations, and two blower vent layouts.