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HO PA-2 Locomotive, MP #8003

Item No. RPI23053
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HO PA-2 Locomotive, MP #8003

Item No. RPI23053
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The popular Alco PA and PB series returns for a second run! Following the success of the first run, Rapido is pleased to offer new schemes and a twist: ATSF 51A, B and L! These were the three Santa Fe PAs that were repowered in 1954 with 567C prime movers putting out 1750 horsepower. To adjust for the extra space needed to house the EMD power assemblies, the middle of the carbody was raised with the addition of dual exhausts and four button-top EMD style fans. This endeavor proved to be unfeasible and not repeated on any other Alco PA.

Rapido Trains is also excited to offer the red Alco-GE and the short-lived MLW-GE demonstrator in the Canadian National scheme, in addition to the new schemes being offered. As usual, the Alco PA and PB Locomotives feature the highest quality, road-specific details, silky smooth drives and razor-sharp paint and printing.

The 2nd Run ALCO PA and PB Features:

  • Correct nose and roof profiles 3D-scanned from the prototype
  • Loads of roadname-specific details
  • ATSF re-powered units feature unique roof blister and EMD style fans
  • A units and A-B sets available
  • Dynamic or non-dynamic brake versions, where appropriate
  • Full underbody piping and conduit
  • Separate grab irons and handrails installed at the factory
  • Etched-metal grilles, where appropriate
  • Lit number boards
  • Full cab interior
  • Operating Gyralite or red Mars light, where appropriate
  • Rapido‚Äôs proven drive system
  • DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready) or DC/DCC/Sound options
  • ESU LokSound V5 Decoder

Product Specifications

DCC Ready/21-Pin NEM