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HO EMD E8A (DC/DCC/Sound) CPR - Early Maroon #1800

Item No. RPI28509
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5 out of 5 Customer Rating

HO EMD E8A (DC/DCC/Sound) CPR - Early Maroon #1800

Item No. RPI28509
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Product Details

Key Features
  • Accurate E8 Sounds by ESU LokSound
  • Body Shell 3D Laser-Scanned for Total Accuracy
  • Numerous Road-Specific Detail Parts in Both Etched Metal and Plastic
  • Smooth Running Drive System - All Wheels Powered
  • Complete Lighting Effects
  • Heavy Die-Cast Chassis

CPR - Early Maroon: #1800 Details Include

  • Side portholes
  • No dynamic brakes
  • Single MU door, right of headlight
  • Passenger pilot
  • Standard rear
  • Early square bearing trucks
  • Horizontal grill
  • Side skirt
  • Dual steam generator, closely spaced

Rapido E8 Features

  • Both E8A and E8B units offered
  • 3D laser-scanned body shell
  • Accurate nose and roof contours
  • Seven different noses
  • Three different back ends
  • Two different sides – with and without lifting lug covers
  • Three different steam generator options
  • 36” fan, 48” fan or non-dynamic brake options
  • Single- or dual-headlight configurations
  • Freight or passenger pilots
  • Three styles of side grills
  • Accurate E8 Sounds by ESU LokSound
  • Original porthole sides or rebuilt blanked sides (including unique variations)
  • Skirted or non-skirted fuel tanks
  • Original square, sloped or Hyatt roller bearing journal boxes
  • Heavy die-cast chassis
  • Smooth running drive system with all wheels powered
  • Complete lighting effects – headlights, class lights, backup lights, ground lights, cab lights and more.
  • Numerous road-specific detail parts in both plastic and etched metal.


Rapido’s all-new model of the E8/9 breaks new ground and promises to be the most accurate plastic model of these iconic locos yet.

EMD’s E-8 (and successor, E-9) were the quintessential North American passenger locomotive of the 1950s through the 1970s. 450 E8A and 46 E8B units were produced, with an additional 100 E9A and 44 E9B locos following. The first E8s were delivered in 1949, with the last E9 being produced in 1964. These units pulled passenger trains from coast to coast, and later became the backbone of Amtrak’s fleet in its early days. Many were later used in commuter service before being retired. Today several units live on in museums and tourist railroads throughout North America.

The 3D Scan Makes the Difference

What makes Rapido’s E8 and E9 models different than every E8 or E9 that has come before? Simple – we’re doing it right. We commissioned a 3D laser scan of Union Pacific E8 #942 at the Southern California Railway Museum. A 3D scan ensures that we get those impossible-to-guess contours bang-on accurate.

We followed the 3D scan with months of research, referring to hundreds of photos and numerous blueprints to ensure that we had the correct details for each version of the locomotive that we are offering. That includes different porthole and grille arrangements. For the first time ever in plastic, we’re offering E8 models without portholes! Finally, modelers won’t have to pay for brass or ruin a factory paint job by filling portholes!