Kyosho Mini-Z

The Mini-Z lineup features sports cars, buggies and suv’s, as well as 2wd and 4wd versions. For 2WD models, there are both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive versions while the 4wd Mini-Z features all wheel drive, just like real drift racing machines. The Mini-Z 4x4 has hard-core crawling capability.

Mini-Z Jeeps

Four wheel drive officially licensed Jeep crawler models equipped with long stroke suspension to handle the most uneven terrain.

On-Road Mini-Z

On-Road Mini-Z's are great for even surfaces, and racing. These Mini-Z's come in front wheel drive (FWD), rear wheel drive (RWD), and all wheel drive (AWD). Like full-size cars, the front wheel drive cars offer superior stability when going in a straight line. However, the rear wheel drive models are able to pivot quickly for fast lap times. The all wheel drive models are great for drifting, as they are equipped with drift tires.

Off-Road Mini-Z

These 4WD models are ready for off-road surfaces. Whether you are racing off-road or rock crawling, these Mini-Z's are ready for the challenge with their treaded tires and higher ground clearance.

Mini-Z Accessories

Keep your Mini-Z on track with these accessories!

Kyosho Mini-Z