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My name is McKenzie Fischer, and I work in Customer Service for Tower Hobbies. I have been with the company going on 2 years. I have been in the hobby for almost 6 years. My first vehicle was a Traxxas Stampede, however that was short lived because I was privileged enough to know someone else in the hobby with all the bigger and cooler RC Cars/Trucks. Shortly after I ended up with an Axial Deadbolt SCX10 II. This started the deep dive into Radio Controlled. Since then, I have owned a little bit of everything from cars/trucks, boats, a couple of planes, and even RealFlight!

I have two big reasons for loving this hobby. One is the people in the hobby are amazing people. In my other hobbies the communities are not near as accepting and as kind as this one. My other favorite thing about the hobby is how custom you can make your experience and RC’s in this hobby. There is something for everyone!

With the thought in mind of how wonderful the community is there is so many wonderful events. Most of the events are some kind of donation to a charity. One of the other things I do in this hobby is I also help with one of the largest RC events in the country, RC Fest in Tuscola Illinois! I have been helping with this event since 2020 when the event made its big comeback. This brings people from all over the United States for the surface side of RC.

Axial SCX10 II Deadbolt Axial SCX10 II Deadbolt

Axial SCX10 II Deadbolt

As stated above I love the SCX 10 II Deadbolt, this truck holds a special spot in my heart because it was what really got me hooked on the hobby. This truck is super reliable and has so many customization options. There is lots of aftermarket options from tires to scale accessories. Personally, I majorly changed my SCX 10 II probably 3 times and it drove perfect every time I changed it. This truck will grow with you as you learn more about the hobby.

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Axial AX24 XC-1 Axial AX24 XC-1

Axial AX24 XC-1

It is pretty obvious that the Axial 1/24 scale trucks rocked the market when they came out. With being such a beginner truck and on the more budget friendly side why wouldn’t they blow up. I personally got my young cousin this truck for her birthday as soon as I could. It is perfect for kids and even more fun for adults. I mean who doesn’t like a small version of their RC or even their full-size vehicle? Why I choose this specific 1/24 scale is because this one represents the old AX10 in smaller scale. It is super capable for how small it is, plus you get all the neat driving modes! Whether it is indoor or outdoor fun you are looking for this truck will do it.

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LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck

LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck

Like most people in the hobby I have other hobbies that hold hands with the RC hobby. One includes monster trucks, due to this of course the LMT would be on my list of favorites. This RC really gives you the chance to do some amazing scale tricks. It also gives you amazing photos because it can do the fun scale options. You can make it look like one of your favorite monster trucks, or make up your own truck. The community really played a big hand in why this is one of my top picks. The community really figured out how to do more with what they had on the market for these trucks. They got creative on what body works for what design you are trying to do.

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