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I’m Delia Lopez and I am a product content specialist for the Tower Hobbies web team. I have been an RC hobbyist for 13 years and I enjoy crawling, bashing, and flying. I have mainly been participating in crawling competitions local to where I live. But when I am not competing, I usually hike the trails with my trucks in my free time.

I own various brands of RC vehicles from Traxxas to Element. In 13 years I have built quite a collection of crawlers, bashers, speed-runners, on-road vehicles, classics and monster-trucks. But I would have to say that my favorite is my Element Enduro. It is my main competition rig but I also casually crawl with it because it performs the best. I also have an Arrma Mojave EXB that I have outfitted with a Hobbywing Max 6 system that is a blast to send to the moon.

Along side surface, I also enjoy flying my helicopters. I took an interest in helicopters when my dad brought home a Blade 400 one day when I was 11. However, after a rather gnarly crash, he decided to start me off on a Blade mSR helicopter. Since then I have collected a few mCP helicopters including the mCPX BL2, a Blade 70S, 120 S2, 180 CFX, and 230 S. While I am by no means the best pilot ever, I spend plenty of time on Real Flight honing my flying skills.

I owe my career to the RC hobby as it has taken me places I never could have imagined. I have worked at three different hobby shops, became a part of this awesome community and learned a lot along the way before landing here at Tower Hobbies.

I hope you enjoy the recommended items below as much as I do, I chose them specifically because I enjoy them the most out of my collection.

Thanks for visiting!

Delia RC
1/10 Enduro 4WD Trail Truck Builder 1/10 Enduro 4WD Trail Truck Builder

1/10 Enduro 4WD Trail Truck Builder's Kit 2

The Element Enduro Trail Builder’s Kit is by far the best competition rig I have ever built in my opinion. This truck is remarkably durable, tunable to the needs of the trail, and overall, a fun build. The work that went into designing this trail truck shows in its performance and its upgradability. I have either won or placed high in a few local competitions with this truck. I outfitted my build with a Castle Creations Mamba X system with a 1406-1900kv motor, a Hitec D956WP servo, a Spektrum SR315 receiver, and a Pro-Line light bar mounted to my Pro-Line Jeep Gladiator body. I also upgraded the shocks with some Pro-Line Pro-Spec Scaler 90-95mm shocks as the stock ones were lacking the tunability I needed. One story I have about this one was when I was competing at an indoor competition where the course had a section that was suspended overhead on the ceiling about 8 feet off the ground. I accidentally made a wrong turn and the truck slipped off the path and fell 8 feet onto the cement floor on the front suspension. The Enduro shrugged it off and the Hitec servo was unfazed. But I was not too happy to gain the points and having to restart the course all over again.

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1/10 Super Clod Buster 4WD Truck Kit 1/10 Super Clod Buster 4WD Truck Kit

1/10 Super Clod Buster 4WD Truck Kit

The Tamiya Super Clod Buster is a timeless classic from a time before I was born. I am more than grateful of Tamiya bringing back this beast for a re-release so I could experience it like everyone back in the 80’s did. I got a chance to use the Clod Buster for a promotional video on the Tower Hobbies social media pages. You may have noticed a red Clod Buster on Facebook or TikTok recently, well that one was mine! I painted it with typical Tower Hobbies colors and created a promotional video of it. Like I said, this monster truck is a beast, it powers through anything and despite coming with a brushed system it can clear any jump. The Clod Buster is perfect for bashing of any kind and is a fun build overall. Tamiya did a great job with updating this vehicle for its re-release as it is comparable to modern RC vehicles in both performance and power. If you do decide to pick this one up, one recommendation I have is to make sure you get a high or super torque metal gear steering servo. This kit requires only one servo for all four tires, so you will need as much power as possible to turn the gargantuan wheels.

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230 S RTF Basic 230 S RTF Basic

230 S RTF Basic

For anyone who is starting out learning how to fly helicopters, I truly love the Blade 230 S. I would say this works great as a second helicopter for those who wish to upgrade from something like the Nano S3 or mCPX BL2. It’s still small in size but large enough to provide stable handling in light breezes. Just like a larger helicopter, the 230 S is just as agile and is capable of performing advanced maneuvers. The 230 S is also available in the most recent versions of Real Flight, so when you can’t get outside to practice you can always practice flying this one on your computer.

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