RC Buying Guide

RC Helicopter Buying Guide

You CAN Hover

Traditionally, most pilots agree that helicopters are the single most challenging RC models to build and operate since they're mechanically complex. They also require you to master two distinctly different skills, forward flight and hovering, and to pilot them successfully, your full attention is required. However, flying helis is becoming easier than ever. Recently, manufacturers such as Blade have made some impressive advances to give more hobbyists a better shot at getting a heli in the air and keeping it there.

Best Beginner RC Helicopters

There's never been a better time to find a heli that's just right for you. Today's helicopters choices in electric helis are at an all-time high thanks to advances in batteries and motors. Properly set up, a heli with a brushless motor and LiPo (Lithium-Polymer) battery will actually outperform a nitro machine in both flight time and performance. Helicopter Ready-To-Fly (RTFs) models are a huge convenience, especially for new pilots.

Best way to start to fly with Realflight! Best way to start to fly with Realflight!

The Best Way To Start

Learn to fly with RealFlight before flying the "real thing"! Check out the best RC flying simulator available for your PC, RealFlight. Realflight offers a wide variety of airplanes, helicopters, and multirotor aircraft for you to fly. It is a fun, safe, and worry-free way to learn how to fly RC aircraft.

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Recommended Helicopters

Below are some proven options—models that customers have told us gave them an excellent start in the hobby.

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5 out of 5 Customer Rating