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Enjoy the thrill of flying an RC (Radio Controlled) jet! Nothing else compares to the excitement you’ll feel piloting a jet, and Tower Hobbies has the best selection of RC jet models for anyone who wants to experience the distinctive look, sound and speed they offer. Jet aircraft are available in a variety of types, from Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) jets driven by extremely powerful brushless electric motors, to models designed to accept fuel-powered turbine engines. The power system and airplane size largely determine the model’s performance and price, as well as where you can fly it and how much flying experience you’ll need to succeed. E-flite® offers some of the best RC jets available, including UMX™ (Ultra Micro eXtreme) models that are an excellent and affordable choice to fly in smaller areas like parks. They don’t require as much flying experience as larger jets, but are still very fast. The E-flite and FMS brands also have larger 64mm, 70mm, 80mm and 90mm fan-equipped models that can reach 100 MPH or more! RC jets this large and fast typically require more area to maneuver and longer distances for takeoffs and landings, and more flying experience. Most of these models feature lightweight yet durable EPO foam airframes, while Phoenix Model offers jets with built-up wood and composite construction. Many of these RC jets are available factory-finished with the power system and radio gear installed, and some let you draw on your own experience to equip them however you want. If your model requires power system components or other accessories, you can also find those here at Tower Hobbies — your number one destination for the best selection of RC jets and beyond!

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