ST Model DG1000 EPO Brushless Glider 79"

Tower Stock# LXYYS4  •  Manufacturer Stock# SNNA1054
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Notes from our tech department:
This is the radio controlled, Rx-Ready DG-1000 79" Scale
Glider with Retractable Motor System from ST Model.
For thermal glider flyers 12 years of age and older.


Construction: EPO foam, self aligning snap and lock construction
Wings: Two-piece, high aspect ratio with lightweight wing tubes
for strength without a lot of weight
Aileron Control: Dual servo
Motor: Brushless with RMS (retractable motor system), electronic
mixer is controllable by throttle speed
Servos: Four micro and one standard size
Propeller: 7x5 (order MASQ1617 if replacement prop is needed)
Canopy: Tinted
Building Time: Ready to fly in under 1/2 hour


DG-1000 79" Scale Glider with propeller, motor, ESC, decals
five servos, electronic mixer and instruction manual


Transmitter: 6-channel with 6-channel receiver, see COMMENTS
Motor Battery: 3s 11.1V LiPo
Deans Male Ultra Connector: WSDM1302 required if using above battery
(cut existing connector off ESC and solder the Deans Ultra Male
connector on the ESC
Charger: LiPo compatible, such as the ElectriFly PolyCharge DC
To use this charger with the ElectriFly battery listed above, the
Equinox Cell Balancer must be used, remove the red 2-pin
plug on the battery and install 4mm female bullet connectors
Building and field equipment


Length: 38.2" (970mm)
Wingspan: 79.1" (2010mm)
Flying Weight: 36.5oz (1035g)
Wing Area: 348.7 sq in (22.5 sq dm)
Wing Loading: 10.9 oz/sq ft (33.3 g/sq dm)
Center of Gravity (CG): 2.1" (53mm) behind leading edge of wing when
the RMS is completely folded
Control Throws:
Aileron Up/Down: 10
Rudder Left/Right: 20
Elevator Up/Down: 15


Included instructions for the Retractable Motor System (RMS) in the
DG-1000 are illustrated using a Futaba T6EXAP in Mode 1.
Please note that in Mode 2, the throttle (CH 3) is on the left stick.
Stated trim positions and EPA settings are specific to this
transmitter. Since all transmitters from varying manufacturers may
have different channel assignments, curves, and endpoint settings,
you will have to adapt the instructions for your specific radio
The transmitter pictured on page 3 of the manual is not included and
must be purchaed separately.

jxs 04/12/10
updt jxs 05/21/10

See Tower Catalog page 61.
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