Great Planes Fuel Tank 10 oz

Tower Stock# LXK124  •  Manufacturer Stock# GPMQ4104
Great Planes Fuel Tank 10 oz (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
This is a Complete Fuel Tank for use in Glow Fuel Powered Models.


Made of impact resistant plastic. Slightly clear.
All hardware included. Has convenient grabber for installation.


Tank, klunk, stopper, straight nipple, 90 nipple,
screw on cap and fuel tubing.


Length- 3 7/8" (99mm)
Width- 2" (64mm)
Height- 2 1/8" (53mm)
Capacity- 10oz (300cc)
Overall length- (Including extended base) 4" (120mm)
Gasoline Compatible (see Comments)


Will require medium fuel tubing and assembly.
Now includes a stopper that works with gasoline. You'll need to buy
gas-resistant tubing to use instead of that which
comes with tank.
Tanks are designed primarliy for glow fuel, but the tank,rubber
stopper, nylon fittings and klunk are suitable for use with gas,
However, the silicone tubing supplied with the klunk is NOT. If
they replace that tubing with a gasoline compatible tubing, it
will be acceptable. Is recommended to completely empty at the end
of each flying session and not used for storage of gasoline. Also,
they should be checked for leaks and possible deterioration once a
month and replaced annually.
4 6 94 jlp
updated measurments tjt 123004

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