Hitec HS-7950TH HV Ultra-Torque Titanium Corless Servo

Tower Stock# LXWCE6  •  Manufacturer Stock# 37950S
Notes from our tech department:
This is the HS-7950TH High Speed, Ultra Torque Digital Servo from Hitec.


Ideal for giant scale planes, monster trucks and rock crawlers
Coreless motor for precise centering and accuracy
G2 programmable digital circuit, programmable features include;
Dead Band Width Speed (reduction)
Fail Safe Position Direction (CW/CCW)
Fail Safe On/Off End Points
Overload Protection Resolution High/Low
Titanium gears that don't break or develop slop like conventional
metal gears
Capable of operating on a 2 cell (2S) LiPo pack


HS-7950TH High Speed, Ultra Torque Digital Servo with 1" (25.5mm)
single arm horn, 1" (21.5mm) aluminum single arm horn, 0.85" (32mm)
heavy duty single arm horn, 2.8" (72mm) heavy duty double arm horn,
2.3" (59mm) double arm horn, 1.8" (45mm) round horn, four eyelets,
four rubber grommets, four 2x15mm mounting screws and instruction


Installing in model and connecting to control linkage and receiver


Size: 1.57 x 0.79 x 1.50" (40 x 20 x 38mm)
Weight: 2.40oz (68g)
6.0V 7.4V
Speed: 0.15 sec 0.13 sec
Torque: 403 oz/in 486 oz/in
Drivetrain Type: Dual ball bearing


This servo can be programmed with any Hitec digital servo
programmer. However, the Overload Protection and Resolution High/
Low can only be programmed with the HFP-20, HPP-21
(HRCM4420) or the HPP-21+ (HRCM4421)

A note on coreless motors-a conventional servo motor has a steel core
armature wrapped with wire that spins inside the magnets. In a
Coreless design, the armature uses a wire mesh that forms a cup
that spins around the outside of the magnet. This arrangement is
much lighter resulting in smoother operation and faster response

jxs 7/13/09


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