Great Planes Piper J-3 Cub 40 Fabric ARF .40-.46,81"

Tower Stock# LXLWH2  •  Manufacturer Stock# GPMA1311
Great Planes Piper J-3 Cub 40 Fabric ARF .40-.46,81
Notes from our tech department:
This is a Piper J-3 Cub .40 1/5 Scale R/C Glow Powered ARF Airplane
Pre-covered in Solartex fabric.
90% Factory-Built and Truer to the Original Plane than Most other R/C versions.
This kit is designed for the Beginner to Intermediate Flier.


Huge IMAA - Legal 81" Wingspan.
Excellent first sport-scale kit - assembles quickly, maneuvers well
and lands slow and easy.
One-piece 81" bolt-on wing
Reproduces the full-scale aircraft with amazing accuracy, using
precise CAD engineering and data from original Piper 3-view
Can be flight-ready in 15-20 hours. The prebuilt, all-wood major
sections are precovered with fabric - real woven cloth, featuring
a simulated, hand-rubbed lacquer finish. Lightweight, it resists
scratches, tears and punctures better than most films.
Roomy radio compartment simplifies installation of on-board
components and provides space to install a fully detailed cockpit
and pilot (both optional).
Uses authentic "barn door" ailerons to maximize realism. Dual aileron
servos add precision and authority to control response for crisp
maneuvers. The linkage simplicity makes aileron set-up a snap.
One-piece fiberglass cowl comes factory-painted to match the fabric
covering and a precision-formed, ready-to-paint replica cylinder
head is also included.
Includes an adjustable engine mount; premium-quality, Great Planes
brand hardware; and decals for authentic markings and N-numbers.
Wood wing struts come pre-sanded into an airfoil shape. They provide
a more authentic look than flat struts, and improve the model's
flight performance by keeping drag to the absolute minimum.
90-Day Warranty.


Photo Illustrated Instruction Manual, Decals, One-Piece Pre-Painted
Fiberglass Cowl, ABS Dummy Engines, Adjustable Engine Mount,
Hardware Package, Factory-Built Fuselage, Wings and Tail Sections,
9.1oz (270cc Fuel Tank, Firm 3-3/8" Foam Tires Mounted on Cub Rims,
Pre-Bent Wire Landing Gear, Pre-Built Wing Struts, Clear Butyrate
Windshield and Side Windows, Pushrods, Tailwheel Wire w/1"
Tailwheel, CA Hinge Strip.


Wingspan: 81" (2055mm)
Wing Area: 984 sq in (63.5 sq dm)
Wing Loading: 19.9 oz/sq ft (61 g-sq dm)
Fuselage Length: 49" (1245mm)
Weight: 8.5lb (3860g)
Airfoil: Clark Y-Type, Flat-Bottom, High-Wing
Center of Gravity: 4" (103mm) back from the leading edge of the wing.
Control Throws: High Rate Low Rate
Elevator: Up & Down 1-1/8" (28mm) 5/8" (16mm)
Ailerons: Up & Down " (19mm) 9/16" (14mm)
Rudder: Right & Left 1" (38mm) 1" (25mm)


Engine: .40-.46 cu in (6.5-7.5cc, up to a mild .60-.65) 2-stroke or
.52-.70 cu in (8.0-11.5cc) (4-Stroke) (52 for sea level only)
Muffler: Sport or Pitts Style to fit into the cowl
Radio: 4 Channel w/5 standard servos (specs per R&D 12/99)
Y-harness: 1 (for aileron servos)
Servo Extensions 12": 2 (for aileron servos)
Misc Items: Propeller, Medium Fuel Tubing, " Latex Foam Rubber,
Fueling System, 8-32 Tap/#29 Drill Bit, Building and Field
Equipment, prop nut to match engine's crankshaft size.


The pilot figure shown in the picture is not included, use 1/5 scale.
Floats: This model does not have float mounts in it. The model would need to
be modified to accept floats. The GPMQ1874 60-size Float Kit will
work with this kit.

If a replacement fuel tank is needed, an 8oz (240cc) tank like
SULQ1439 can be used. Some minor modification may be needed as this
is not the exact shape of the original tank

This model is larger than the GP 40-sized Cub.
40 cub kit accessories will not fit (e.g., Super Cub conversion)

TECH NOTE: About joining wings- pg.6 of instructions says to test fit the wing
halves and to sand any high spots on the root end of the wings so
there is no gap when you join them. If there is too large a gap to
sand away, it may be shimmed with a piece of balsa and balsa filler
or epoxy. The idea is that the wing is straight upon assembly,
and has no twisting motion at the joint. Epoxy gives more weight
than balsa filler, or micro balloon filler which can also be used
to fill the gap. This wing is flat-bottom and can be assembled on a
flat surface. The landing gear wires are taped to the underside of
wing support cardboard.

JAL 8/19/99
updt jxs 10/11/04
updt jxs 11/16/04

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