Tamiya TRF419XR Chassis Kit 4WD

Tower Stock# LXJSNJ  •  Manufacturer Stock# TAM42316
Notes from our tech department:


Chassis: Carbon fiber 0.08" (2mm) thick with 0.09" (2.25mm) carbon
fiber lower deck
Drive: Four wheel, with front and rear drive belts, 0.20" (5mm) thick
center pulley shaft, front double cardan universal shafts, rear
universal shafts
Differentials: Oil-filled, gear type
Motor Mount: Aluminum, transverse mount
Bulkheads: Aluminum
Shocks: Oil-filled TRF super short Big Bore
Shock Towers: Carbon Fiber
Front Bumper: Urethane foam
Spur Gear: 116T plastic
Suspension: Four wheel independent, aluminum mounts, stabilizers are
attached using ball connectors, TRF D suspension arms
Steering: 3-piece tie rods with aluminum bridge
Ball Bearings: Full set included
Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front
suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the
Camber: Adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the
tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle
Wheel Hubs: Clamp type aluminum, 0.16" (4mm) thick


TRF419XR On-Road Racing Chassis Kit, Shocks, Spur Gear, Front Bumper,
Shock Oil, Decal Sheet and Instructions


Radio: 2-channel with high-speed steering servo
Motor: 540 size brushless
Pinion Gear: 04 module
ESC: To match selected motor
Battery Charger:
Wheels: 0.94" (24mm) wide with 0 offset
Tires: 0.94" 24mm wide w/medium narrow inserts
Body: Tamiya TA04 and TA05 and TB-04 bodies will fit
Building and track equipment


Length: 14.6" (370mm)
Width: 7.4" (187mm)
Wheelbase: 10" (254mm)


For Replacement Ball Bearings use:
Qty. Size Location Qty. Bearing Set
2 10x15mm Fr Differential 1 DTXC1595
2 5x8mm Fr Differential 1 DTXC1523
2 10x15mm Rear Differential 1 DTXC1595
2 5x8mm Rear Differential 1 DTXC1523
2 8x4mm flanged Spur Gear 1 DTXC1517
2 10x15mm Front Pulley 1 DTXC1595
2 3x6mm Belt Mount 1 DTXC1503
4 5x10mm Front Hubs 2 DTXC1535
4 5x10mm Front Hubs 2 DTXC1535

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