Minicraft 1/5 Visible Rotary Engine

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Minicraft 1/5 Visible Rotary Engine (large view)
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Notes from our tech department:
This is a 1/5 Plastic Visible Mazda Rotary Engine made by Minicraft Model
Kits. It's a skill level 2 model for ages 12 and up.

The "T" type rotor featured in the Wankel was first used in 1588, as part
of a water pump and, in 1782, James Watt tried, and failed, to use the same
principle in a steam engine. Inventors tried to apply the principles of rotary
combustion to engines as early as 1908, but none successfully until 1954 when
Felix Wankel devised the first rotary-combustion engine, the first working
model of which was built three years later.


Authentic 1:5 scale model
See-through motorized action
Plastic parts molded in various colors
Display stand included
Rotating discs with sections removed to form firing chambers
Smaller than conventional engines with fewer parts. Less wear, less
friction, and greater reliability.
Light weight of engine results in a lower horsepower requirement to
achieve the same speeds.
Eyelets used in kit to make good electrical contact without the use
of solder.
Parts to engine include an air cleaner, fan, fan belt, generator,
starter, stick shift, and "transmission housing."
Runs on two AA 1.5V batteries
Includes wiring and vinyl tubing
Very informative and helpful pictorial instructions for assembly


One 1:5 Mazda Rotary Engine with Display Stand


Nail File or Sandpaper
Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline-like Lubricant
Cement for plastics (TESR3512)
Two AA 1.5V Batteries
Reflector Tape
Transparent Tape
Wire Cutter
Small Phillips Screwdriver
Hobby Knife
Rubber Hammer or Regular Hammer
Small Wrench
Adult Assistance and Supervision


Scale: 1:5


Not suitable for children under 36 months of age because of small
Painting not required
A smooth and polished surface will ensure proper functioning of
model engine.
Do not use machine oil
Be certain all moving parts are well lubricated
For best results, test the electrical system after each stage of
san 8/2/00

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