Tamiya 1/10 M-05 Version II R Race Spec Chassis Kit

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Notes from our tech department:
This is the radio controlled, electric powered, 1/10 scale
M-05 Ver. II R Race Spec Chassis Kit from Tamiya
Compatible with bodies and option parts for Tamiya M-03 chassis.

Hop up Option Parts Include:
**54179 M-05 Ball Bearing Set**
**54277 M-Chassis Reinforced Gear Set**
**54409 3x14mm Low Friction Step Screw (4pcs.)**
**54613 M-05 Ver.II Stainless Steel Sus Shaft Set**
**54237 M-05 Low Friction King Pin (4pcs.)**
**54319 M-Chassis Lightweight Hollow Shaft Set**
**54606 M-05 Ver.II 1-Piece Lower Suspension Arm Set**
**51000 Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black)**

Featured Components Include:
**M-05 Aluminum Steering Posts**
**M-05 Lightweight Aluminum Battery Holders (black)**
**Aluminum Motor Mount**
**Aluminum Turnbuckle Steering Rod**
**M-05Ra Chassis Uprights**
**Hex Screws**
**M-05 Aluminum Steering Posts (Black)**
**M-05 Aluminum Servo Mount (Black)**


Chassis: Plastic monocoque, shape is compatible with square battery
packs, M-05Ra chassis uprights
Drive: Front wheel, M chassis double cardan drive shafts (universals)
Motor Mount: Aluminum construction, designed specifically for
M-05 Ver. II chassis-new design moves motor 4.5mm closer to chassis
Ball Bearings: Full set
Shocks: TRF oil-filled, aluminum body
Shock Towers: Composite construction
Gearbox: Integral with chassis
Transmission: Single speed
Differential: Three bevel gear
Wheels: 11 spoke, 0.94" (24mm) wide, 1.5" (38mm) diameter
Camber: Non-adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the
tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle
Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front
suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the
Servo Placement: Shifted 8mm downwards to secure lower center of
gravity, low profile servo compatibility
Steering: Three piece tie-rod linkage with high torque steering
servo and aluminum steering posts
Suspension: One piece lower suspension arm set, stainless steel


Tamiya M-05 Ver. II R Chassis Kit, Wheels, Decals, Shocks,
Pinion Gear, Instruction Manual


Radio: 2-channel with standard size servo
Electronic Speed Control: Compatible with selected motor
AA Batteries: For transmitter
Motor: 540 size
Battery: 6-cell stick with standard connector
Battery Charger: Peak type recommended
Tires: Treaded 60D radial 0.98" (25mm) wide, 2.3" (59mm) diameter
with foam inserts
Body: Tamiya M-03 or M-05 type
Building and track equipment


Length: S 8.3" (210mm), M 8.8" (225mm), L 9.4" (239mm)
Width: 6.5" (165mm)
Wheelbases: 8.3" (210mm), 8.8" (225mm), 9.4" (239mm)
Tread: 5.4" (138mm) center of wheels, side-to-side
Gear Ratio: 5.8:1


For Replacement Ball Bearings use:
Qty. Size Location Qty. Bearing Set
1 5x8mm Counter Gear 1 DTXC1523
1 5x11mm Counter Gear 1 DTXC1547
1 5x8mm Spur Gear 1 DTXC1523
1 5x11mm Spur Gear 1 DTXC1547
2 5x11mm Output Shaft 1 DTXC1547
2 5x11mm Front Axles 1 DTXC1547
2 5x11mm Rear Axles 1 DTXC1547

jxs 03/30/16



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