Futaba MSA-10 Servo Synchronizer

Tower Stock# FUTM4155  •  Manufacturer Stock# MSA10
Notes from our tech department:
This is the Futaba MSA-10 Servo Synchronizer.
Ideal for Giant Scale Models that require multiple-servo control.
Not to be used with more than 6 volts.


Couples up to Four Servos and electronically balances them to start
and stop simultaneously for strong, smooth operation of even the
largest control surfaces; plugs into a single Rx channel.
Allows for adjustment of end point and servo travel for each servo.
Also features reversing, so servos can be mounted in the most
efficient configuration possible.
Allows these 4 servos to be powered separately from receiver.


One MSA-10 Servo Synchronizer with Futaba J connector.
One temporary battery channel jumper (used if no battery plugged in)
One small adjustment screwdriver.
Detailed one page instruction (available on line at www.futabarc.com)


Servos with Futaba J, Airtonics Z, or Hitec connectors.
Installation in the model.


Dimensions: .8x1.5x.6 (21.4x38.6x15.1mm)
Weight: .46 ounces (13 grams)


Simple setup with 1 dial and 2 switches;
Settings 1-4 are used to set neutral and end points together
in correlation with stick movement;
Settings 5-8 are used to set servo direction;
Setting 9 allows complete rest of all stored data;
Setting 0 as "OK" for inflight, can't bump adjustments.
5th port allows for battery power separately to these servos.

USES: 2 servos onto each aileron on a giant scale aircraft for a total of
4 servos plugged together into the aileron channel;
2 servos driving scale flaps, plugged into one channel;
2 motors/engines on a twin and plugged into one channel.
Used to adjust the centers and end points of each of up to 4 servos
all plugged into the same channel to avoid binding,
excess drain on one servo, load on the surfaces, etc.
Can be used for both analog and digital servos

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