Tower Hobbies TowerKote
Tower Hobbies TowerKote

Tower Hobbies TowerKote - Red 6ft

Stock# LXJC67

Low-weight, low-temp and low-cost model airplane film covering.

Ready to put the finishing touches on your model? Tower Hobbies has got you covered, with TowerKote — a pliable, low-heat covering material that comes in eight of your favorite, eye-popping colors, in generous 6’ x 26” rolls. TowerKote covering is such a great value that even while you’re stretching a limited budget, you can pick up multiple rolls and give yourself a wide palette of colors for creating imaginative trim schemes. You’ll knock the socks off your fellow fliers!
Length: 6’ Width: 26"
  • Low-weight, low-temp and low-priced!
  • Exceptional value on high-quality covering.
  • Extremely versatile…perfect for foam and even most plastics.
  • Works wonders over just about any aircraft surface, including foam and most plastics
  • You can use it to trim over other coverings, too!
  • Stretches easily over compound curves
  • Special adhesive gives you a fast, drumtight bond for smooth, durable, dynamic finishes.
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