Futaba ANT12 Tx Antenna 5/7U/9V/9Z/8SS/8U/9C/9CS/12Z

Tower Stock# LXH472  •  Manufacturer Stock# ANT12
Futaba ANT12 Tx Antenna 5/7U/9V/9Z/8SS/8U/9C/9CS/12Z (large view)
Notes from our tech department:
Replacement Transmitter Antenna for the following Futaba Radios:

Female threaded section inside antenna base
3 CH: 3UCP
5 CH: 5UA, 5UAF, 5UAP,
7 CH: 7UAF(S), 7UAP(S), 7UHF(S), 7UHP(S)
8 CH: 8SSA, 8SSH, 8SGH, 8UAF(S), 8UAP(S)
9 CH: 9ZAP, 9ZAPS, 9ZHP, 9ZHPS, 9VA, 9VH, 9CAP, 9CHP
10 CH: 10C
12 CH: 12ZAP, 12ZHP


One Transmitter Antenna


This antenna is installed differently in all these radios. In the
8UAF(S) and 8UAP(S), you just simply unscrew old antenna and screw in new one.
On the 3UCP, 5UA(F/P), 7UAF/P(S) and 7UHF/P(S), you need to remove the back of
the TX, which is a bit difficult but can be done. On the 8SSA/H, 9V, and 9Z
series radios, you have to COMPLETELY disassemble the TX and can damage the
radio very easily. For these radios, we strongly suggest you send your TX
into Hobby Services so a qualified technician can install the antenna.

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