FlightPower LiPo EONX Lite 3S 11.1V 800mAh 25C TRex 250

Tower Stock# LXXLS0  •  Manufacturer Stock# XLITE08003STREX
FlightPower LiPo EONX Lite 3S 11.1V 800mAh 25C TRex 250 (large view)
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Notes from our tech department:
This is the FlightPower Eon-X Lite 800mAh 3S 11.1V 25C
upgrade LiPo Battery for the T-Rex Helicopter.


2-Pin JST connector installed on discharge leads
90 day limited warranty commencing at the date of purchase, valid
only in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico)
50% Crash Coverage-In the unfortunate event that your FlightPower
product suffers crash damage within the first 180 days after
purchase, feel free to contact FlightPower USA Support.
Upon providing evidence of crashed aircraft and pack(s),
FlightPower USA is able to offer a replacement pack or packs at
50% of the suggested selling price, plus shipping. Please do not
ship your battery packs to FlightPower USA.


FlightPower Eon-X Lite 800mAh 3S 11.1V 25C LiPo Battery with
FlightPower Balance Connector and JST type red 2-pin connector


Balancing system and 3S Adapter (GPMM3186)
LiPo compatible charger


Length: 2.80" (71mm)
Width: 1.06" (27mm)
Height: 0.83" (21mm)
Weight: 2.8oz (81g)
*All weights and measurements are averaged and will vary slightly

Capacity: 800mAh
Power Rating: 8.9W
Max. Charge Current: 2.4A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current (25C): 20.0A
Rated Voltage: 11.1V
Number of Cells in Series: 3


ALWAYS use a LiPo-approved Charger
ALWAYS use a LiPo Cell Balancer
NEVER Charge over 4.20V per cell
NEVER Charge at currents greater than 1C
NEVER Charge through the "To ESC or "DISCHARGE" lead
NEVER Trickle Charge
NEVER allow to Discharge below 2.5V per cell
NEVER disassemble or modify pack wiring in any way or puncture cells
NEVER place on combustible materials or leave unattended during
ALWAYS Charge in a fireproof location
ALWAYS set charger's output volts to match battery volts

jxs 9/03/09

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