We want to assist you with your technical questions about our products, but we have found email to be generally very inefficient for this purpose. Here is a list of possible resources for you to receive answers to your technical questions about R/C using the Internet. Questions About Specific Products
  1. Find the product you need assistance with in the huge list of over 60,000 items featured right here on our web site. Many of the most-popular items include hyperlinks to additional information, specifications and pictures. Many times your questions can be easily answered by this information.
  2. Consult one of our printed catalogs such as Tower Talk, SpeedMart or our Annual Tower Hobbies Catalog.
  3. You may be able to find the manufacturer of the product you are interested in on the web or get their mailing address/phone to contact them directly. See our big listing of R/C manufacturers.
  4. If you cannot locate the information using any of the above resources, our sales department may be able to help you with your specific product ordering questions via telephone at 800-637-6050 or 217-398-3636. It is impossible to guarantee product compatibility for product recommendations. We provide information and suggestions to the best of our abilities based on the information available to us at the time. We are unable to guarantee successful outcomes.
Questions About R/C in General
  1. See Easy RC. It includes many great details about getting started out in this great hobby. Easy RC introduces newcomers to the great hobby of radio control with detailed explanations of how to get started, what to expect, which products to buy and how to greatly increase their chances of success.
  2. Surf the Net! There are thousands of different R/C web sites on the web.
  3. Browse through the R/C forums. Even if you don't post your own questions, you can learn a lot by just "lurking" in these message bulletin boards where a wide range of topics are covered every day.
  4. Contact your local R/C club. There are thousands of clubs and organizations covering aircraft, cars and trucks and boats. Most clubs love to help beginners and will often take the time to teach you everything you need to know.