Tower Hobbies Super Saver Club

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Here's How Super Saver Club Works!


Earn points just by joining Super Saver Club.


Coupon Codes


Coupon Codes
Take advantage of money saving coupons.




Earn points for every dollar you spend.




Redeem points for exclusive discounts directly at checkout.



Super Saver Club Standard Sign-Up
Tower Hobbies Super Saver Club Classic

Super Saver Club Classic membership. All you need to do is sign-up to start earning points every time you shop.

Members Benefits

Free To Join
No annual fee.


Sign Up Points
Receive 10 points.


Earn Points
Every dollar spent per calendar year earns you points.




Upgrade Your Membership
Super Saver Club Premier Sign-Up
Tower Hobbies Super Saver Club Premier

Only $9.99!

Get even more! Super Saver Club Premier Members earn more points, receive greater coupon code savings and exclusive product and pricing offers.

NOTE: Ensure you have Enrolled in Super Saver Club in My Account prior to purchasing the Premier Membership Upgrade.

Members Benefits

Bonus Point Items
Product change weekly, just look for the bonus point logo on select items.

Sale Items
Products change monthly.

Scratch & Dent
Products change weekly.

Exclusive Product and Pricing Offers
Gain access to exclusive offers not available to Standard Club Members.

Earn Points Faster
Earn more points per dollar then Standard Club Members with each purchase.

Birthday Credit
$10 on your birthday.

Review Products
Earn 40 points.

PLUS All Classic Membership Benefits
Scratch And Dent For Premier Members Only
Scratch And Dent For Premier Members Only



Compare Member Offers

Super Saver Standard

Super Saver Premier

Spend per calendar year

FREE $9.99 Fee

Points per $1
200 points = $5 discount

1 Points 1.25 Points

Points on sign up*

10 Points 10 Points*

Redeem points for discounts directly in checkout

Earn points for product reviews**(Max: 10 Reviews)

  40 Points

Bonus Points

  300 | 550 | 800 increments

Birthday credit


Super Saver Product Sales


Shipping perks***

  Free FedEx Ground
Shipping on orders $75+

Coupon Codes

Standard Coupon Savings Premier Coupon Savings

Exclusive Product Offers


Exclusive Pricing Offers


Scratch & Dent Offers


* Points on sign up will not apply to account upgrades to an account that has already received sign up points.
** Verified reviews are prompted post-purchase via the email on the purchase connected to rewards member email. Only verified reviews are eligible for reward points.
*** Free shipping applies to contiguous United States orders only.



How to Earn Points

Earn 10 Points
spend a dollar      
Earn 1 point for every $1 spent
Premier Members Earn 25% more.
leave a verified
Earn 40 Points
Super Saver Premier Member Only


How do I enroll in the Tower Super Saver Club?

Enrollment in the Tower Super Saver Club is easy! If you've never registered for a Tower Hobbies account to track your orders, just visit Tower Hobbies and click Sign In/Register at the very top of the website. Once you've completed your registration, you will see an "Enroll Now" button in My Account. Once you've clicked that, you're ready to start earning!

Can I enroll in the Tower Super Saver Club even if I don't live in the United States?

At this time, only orders shipping to a US destination are eligible for Tower Super Saver Club rewards program benefits.

How do I upgrade to Premier?

To upgrade to Premier Membership you must be enrolled in Super Saver Club in My Account prior to purchasing the $9.99 Premier Membership.

Legacy Super Saver members (account prior to August 2020): After signing in for the first time, please click ‘Enroll’ within my account. Then, sign out, and sign back in to fully activate your Super Saver Premier Status and benefits.

How do I earn points?

For every dollar (USD) in qualifying purchases, earn 1 point. Your points will be tallied on your Super Saver Club Dashboard.

What can I use my points on?

You can redeem your points for discounts at checkout. For every 200 points you earn, a $5 discount will be available at the Payment page in Checkout. Simply access the dropdown menu, choose your reward, and click Apply.