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XERUN XR10 Pro G2S Elite 160 Amp Brushless ESC, 2S

Item No. HWI30112617
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4.8 out of 5 Customer Rating

XERUN XR10 Pro G2S Elite 160 Amp Brushless ESC, 2S

Item No. HWI30112617
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Product Details

32 Bit, M4 Microprocessor

Ultra high performance 32bit M4 microprocessor usage ensures that the ESC is able to deal with anything that even the fastest racers may need. This makes the ESC more precise and have the needed ultra fast response needed to showcase the hardware and talents of the racer.

MEGA Cooling Effect

HOBBYWING's patented FCD system. The focus of the XR10 Pro G2S, is the all new, and patented fan technology. Cooling to the ESC increases performance and reliability. The cooler the ESC can stay, the better it works. For many years, racers simply bolted on a larger or faster fan. This did move more air, however it also increased the power demands of the ESC's internal BEC. This creates internal temperature rises and wear and tear on the ESC's BEC that lead to reliability and performance losses. By allowing more air to flow through the frameless design, loads from the fan actually go down (less power draw) while the airflow and cooling are increased. This new cooling system ensures maximum airflow with no losses through higher fan power draw.

Durable Frameless Fan. Damage to a fan can be devastating for a racer. Something that Hobbywing's design team took into serious consideration was creating a fan that did not break even in the most demanding conditions. New design, materials, and guards ensure the fan will live a long healthy life and not be damaged by even the most demanding racers.

Reverse Voltage Protected

The XeRun XR10 Pro G2S features complete reverse voltage protection. Often battery packs get "Woops" connected and power is crossed. The XR10 Pro G2S is protected from this causing damage to the ESC.

4X Faster Communication Protocol

Updates and setting changes are now faster and easier thanks to updated communication protocols. Faster connections, to your programmers, mean less timing tuning, and more time racing.

Precisely Adjust Throttle and Brake PWM

PWM frequencies are a crucial tuning tool. With the custom frequency settings, tuners can now adjust from 1K - 32K PWM for Throttle and 0.5-16K for Brakes. This allows ultra fine-tuning of throttle and brakes to suit any driver or track condition.

Optimized programmable Parameters

With the right balance of settings, the XR10 Pro G2S offers all the tuning needed. From tuning throttle, brakes, and everything in between, to being able to set up your "A-C" wires as needed for the cleanest of installs, the G2S has you covered.

Extended Brake Force

Stop is as important as anything else in racing. Updated brake force setting allows extra brake force and a stronger feeling. Often spec/blinky racing stuffers from less than ideal braking power. These new settings allow brakes to be perfect for all applications.

New Drag Brake Acceleration & Softening Function

This new setting controls the drag brake response, or how quickly the drag brakes get applied. Another valuable tuning tool to get your drag brake settings perfect. *Hobbywing Patented ESC technology - Softening function.Power delivery and feel, wrapped into a powerful set of settings that allow drivers to provide an added level of throttle feel fine-tuning. Used to control wheel spin, power delivery, and generally take the harsh edge off big power setups. The amount and range can be tuned to meet any motor or track needs.

Internal BEC Built for Racing

The BEC is a switching design and provides up to 10amps of power to your electronics. Adjustable from 5-7.4 volts, the XR10 Pro G2S internal BEC is ready to take on any servo.

Seamless Connectivity

Used with the OTA wireless device and your smart device, you can unlock the true potential of your tuning abilities. View data logs, check real-time data and adjust any and all parameters of your ESC.

Real-Time Data and Data Logs

With the OTA and HW Link App, you can view your ESC's saved Data logs, and use the "Live" data output for benchtop troubleshooting and testing.

Product Specifications

Product Length 1.47" (37 mm)
Auto Cutoff Yes
Overload Protection Yes
Product Weight 3.10oz (88g) - With Wires
Maximum Burst Current 1200A
Maximum Continuous Current 160A
BEC Voltage 5.0V - 7.4V
Input Voltage 2S LiPo
Product Height 1.27" (32 mm)
Adjustable Timing Yes
Programmable Yes
Forward Yes
Reverse Yes
Product Width 1.21" (31 mm)