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Sbach 342 Aerobat .46-.55 GP EP ARF 55.3"

Item No. PMMA1355
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4.6 out of 5 Customer Rating

Sbach 342 Aerobat .46-.55 GP EP ARF 55.3"

Item No. PMMA1355
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Product Details

Key Features
  • Construction: All wood laser cut
  • Wing: Bolt-on two-piece with aluminum wing tube
  • Aileron Control: Dual servo
  • Covering: Hangar 9 UltraCote, color scheme is orange and black with blue and white accents
  • Canopy: Clear, removable for easy access to electronics, painted pilot bust
  • Spinner: Red plastic 2.3" (58mm)
  • Engine Mount: Two-piece composite
  • Motor Mount: Plywood
  • Landing Gear: Main, prebent aluminum, spring wire tail gear 2.5" (65mm) diameter main wheels, 1" (25.4mm) diameter tail wheel
  • Fuel Tank: Approximately 10oz (295cc)
In The Box
  • ARF S-Bach Aerobatic Airplane with Fuel Tank
  • Motor Mount
  • Engine Mount
  • Landing Gear
  • Spinner
  • Pilot Bust and Instructions
Needed to Complete
  • Radio: 4-channel with five servos
  • Glow Power; Engine: .46-.55 cu in (7.5-9.0cc) 2-stroke .52 cu in (8.5cc) 4-stroke Receiver Battery: 4.8-6V / 800-1200mAh NiMH Glow fuel, prop, glow starter,
  • Electric Power; Brushless Motor: .46-.55 outrunner ESC: 50-70A brushless compatible Battery: 4000-5000mAh LiPo battery Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery Prop to match selected motor
  • Building and field equipment
Sbach 342 Aerobat .46-.55 GP EP ARF 55.3"

Flies just like the full-size!

The Phoenix Model Sbach is designed to look just like its high-performance bigger brother. It handles extreme aerobatics that would put most planes to shame. Plus, it’s ready to accept either glow or electric power systems and, since it’s an ARF assembly can be completed in just a few hours. Choose a solid power system and get the Sbach in the air today!
  • Compatible with glow or electric setups
  • Capable of extreme acrobatics
  • Bolt-on two-piece wing for easy assembly and transport
  • Removable canopy for easy radio gear set-ups and LiPo battery changes
  • Extremely lightweight laser-cut all-wood construction
  • Pre-painted pilot figure
  • Full assembly hardware


  • Wingspan: 55.3" (1405mm)
  • Length: 55.3" (1405mm)
  • Flying Weight: 6 - 6.6lbs (2.8 - 3kg)
  • Wing Loading: 23.27oz sq/ft (71g sq/dm)
  • Airfoil: NACA
  • Center of Gravity: 3.9 - 3.9" 95 - 100mm back from the leading edge of the wing at the fuselage
  • Control Throws
    • Ailerons: Low: 10mm up/down, 10% expo High: 12mm up/down, 10% expo
    • Elevators: Low: 10mm up/down, 12% expo High: 12mm up/down, 12% expo
    • Rudder: Low: 25mm right/left, 15% expo High: 40mm right/left, 15% expo
EP Setup
GP Setup
The Sbach can operate with either glow or electric power systems.
An easy-access hatch holds all your radio gear and other electronics.
The Sbach’s wings bolt on for easy transport and assembly at the field.
Full assembly hardware
Full assembly hardware
Capable of extreme acrobatics
Capable of extreme acrobatics

Product Specifications

Completion Level Almost Ready-To-Fly
Skill Level Level 3