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MAMBA XLX 2 Brushless ESC / 1721-1260KV Brushless Motor Combo

Item No. CSE010016703
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4 out of 5 Customer Rating

MAMBA XLX 2 Brushless ESC / 1721-1260KV Brushless Motor Combo

Item No. CSE010016703
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Product Details

Castle Creations is thrilled to announce the latest addition to their lineup of high-performance brushless motors for surface applications - the brand new 1721-1260Kv!
Key Features
  • 4-Pole 12-Slot Design Boasts Exceptional Efficiency
  • High-Strength, High-Temperature Grade Neodymium Sintered Magnets
  • Proprietary Winding Techniques
  • ESC Is Housed In A Rugged CNC Aluminum Case
  • Premium Forged Heatsink With Elliptical Fins
In The Box
  • (1) MAMBA XLX 2 Brushless ESC
  • (1) 1721-1260KV Brushless Motor


This powerful and efficient motor is designed to deliver exceptional speed, torque, and acceleration, making it the perfect choice for serious large-scale bashers who demand nothing but the best. Built with precision-machined components, high-strength magnets, and advanced winding techniques, this motor is engineered to deliver reliable and consistent performance in even the most challenging conditions.


  • 4-POLE 12-SLOT design boasts exceptional EFFICIENCY and produces LESS HEAT.
  • OPTIMIZED design eliminates the need for mechanical timing adjustments as sensor alignment method delivers uniform timing and torque in both directions, automatically.
  • Oversized NMB bearings and vibration dampening system ensure the longest bearing life possible.
  • High-strength, high-temperature grade neodymium sintered magnets combined with a high-strength Kevlar wrap ensures the integrity of the rotor is not compromised during harsh running conditions.
  • Proprietary winding techniques produce a stator assembly that is the lowest possible resistance, resulting in a cooler running motor.
  • Input Voltage Range 3S-8S LiPo (33.6v max).
  • Sensorless, SmartSense™ and Brushed Running Modes.
  • Powerful Integrated 20A Peak Adjustable BEC (5.25V-8.0V).
  • Waterproof design for all weather conditions.
  • Data logging capability to capture and record performance data from your vehicle.
  • CRYO-DRIVE Technology minimizes the amount of time the ESC’s electrical components spend generating heat, resulting in improved thermal performance during partial throttle operation where the majority of driving occurs.
  • ESC is housed in a rugged CNC aluminum case and potted in waterproof epoxy to protect the electronics and promote efficient heat transfer.
  • Premium forged heatsink with elliptical fins for superior air flow and increased heat dissipation.
  • Oversized factory equipped thermally controlled 50MM cooling fan.
  • Compatible with S.BUS2 Telemetry Link and Futaba T4PX, T7PX and T7PXR transmitters.
  • Mounting holes located in bottom of aluminum case for affixing to vehicle.
  • Auxiliary wire functionality for "on-thefly" adjustments using your transmitter.
  • Audible alerts for easy diagnosis of common issues such as motor-overtemperature and low-voltage cutoff.
  • Convenient transmitter programming for six common adjustable settings including cutoff voltage and drag brake.
  • Easily tune and update ESC with USB and Bluetooth™ programming options.
  • Castle Link USB programming kit (coupon included with purchase).
  • Optional smartphone-based programming with the BLINK Bluetooth Adapter (sold separately and Castle Link all available on Google Play or Apple App Store).

What makes this motor different than the other 17 series motors?

GREAT QUESTION! The 1721-1260kv is the “sane brother” to the 1721-2400kv. Where the 1721-2400kv is made for one thing, SPEED, the 1721-1260kv is built on the same platform, but at a more conventional Kv. It packs more punch and runs cooler than its baby brother the 1717-1260kv. This makes it the perfect moderate, yet powerful, upgrade to the 1717 size motors that come stock in the Traxxas X- Maxx and Arrma 8s vehicles.

What ESC do we recommend?

The 1721-1260Kv is an excellent companion for the Mamba XLX2 which is already packaged together for purchase as a combo.

Product Specifications

BEC Voltage 5.25V-8.0V
Input Voltage 3s-8s
RPM/Volt (Kv) 45,000 RPM
Sensored Yes
Forward Yes
Reverse Yes
Wire Gauge 8 AWG
Programmable Yes
Outer Diameter 1.87" (47 mm)
Product Weight 1.71 lbs. / 27.36 oz
Water-Resistant Yes
Product Length 3.984252" (101 mm)
Motor Type Brushless
Speed Control Included