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Hog Bipe Kit

Item No. SIGRC69
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4.8 out of 5 Customer Rating

Hog Bipe Kit

Item No. SIGRC69
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Product Details

Key Features
  • Construction: Built-up die cut balsa and ply
  • Wings: One piece
  • Aileron Control: Dual servo per wing
  • Cowl: Two-piece molded plastic
  • Engine Mount: Two-piece composite plastic
  • Landing Gear: One-piece prebent aluminum
  • Wheel Pants: Molded ABS plastic
  • Head Rest: ABS molded plastic
In The Box
  • Hog Bipe Kit
  • All required Balsa, Plywood and Spruce Wooden Parts
  • Landing Gear
  • Clear Plastic Sheets for Windows
  • Sig Easy Hinges
  • Engine Mount
  • Decals
  • CAD Drawn Plans
  • Hardware Pack
  • Product Manual
Needed to Complete
  • Radio: 4-Channel with 4 Standard Servos
  • Engine: .60 - .65 cu in (10 - 10.7 cc) 2-stroke or .65 - .90 cu in (10.7 - 15 cc) 4-stroke
  • Fuel Tank: 12oz (180 - 240cc)
  • Spinner: 2-1/2" (63mm)
  • Main Wheels: Two 3"
  • Tailwheel: 1"
  • Covering: Three rolls
  • Prop, glow starter, fuel, pushrod for throttle control, building and field equipment
Hog Bipe Kit

Pigs really can fly!

Much like its sister aircraft, the Astro-Hog, this biplane beauty is one big pig. But that doesn't mean it's a bear to fly! In fact, it's smoother than, well, a greased pig. Perform any aerobatic maneuver you can think of with the grace and style only a barnstorming biplane can deliver!
  • Quick building light plywood fuselage
  • Classic looks
  • Formed aluminum landing gear and cabane struts
  • Traditional built-up balsa wing
  • Molded ABS plastic headrest and wheel pants
  • CAD drawn plans
  • SIG easy hinges
  • Photo-illustrated assembly manual
  • Engine mounts
  • Complete hardware package
  • Extensive prefabrication:
    • 38 laser-cut parts
    • Precision die cutting
    • Pre shaped leading edges
    • Pre shaped trailing edges
    • Pre shaped ailerons
    • Pre shaped elevators
    • Pre shaped rudder

Product Specifications

Skill Level Level 4