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HO SD45 w DCC & Paragon 3 SF #5398

Item No. BLI4283
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4.5 out of 5 Customer Rating

HO SD45 w DCC & Paragon 3 SF #5398

Item No. BLI4283
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Built on the same frame as the SD40, SD38 and several other EMD staples, EMD produced 1,260 SD45s between Decembers 1965 and 1971.
Key Features
  • Paragon4 Sound & Control System
  • Integral Dual-Mode Decoder with Back EMF
  • Precision Drive Mechanism
  • All Wheel Electrical Pick-up
  • ABS Body with Die Cast Chassis
In The Box
  • (1) HO SD45 Locomotive


These freight haulers sported EMD's 645E3 20-cylinder engine which had 3,600HP output. EMD's SD45s served on the Burlington Northern, Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, Pennsylvania, Great Northern, UP, NP and many other railroads. Today, locomotives are currently preserved at the GN Railway Historical Society, the St Louis Museum of Transportation, the Virginia Museum of Transportation, the Utah State Railroad Museum, the Illinois Railway Museum and the Lake Superior Railroad Museum.


  • Paragon4 Sound and Control System featuring ROLLING THUNDER
  • Integral Dual-Mode Decoder with Back EMF for Superb Slow Speed Operation in DC and DCC
  • Precision Drive Mechanism Engineered for Heavy Towing and Smooth Slow Speed Operation
  • All Wheel Electrical Pick-up
  • ABS Body with Die Cast Chassis for Maximum Tractive Effort
  • Premium Caliber Painting
  • Prototypically Accurate Paint Schemes and Road Numbers
  • Many Separately Applied Details such as Handrails, Grab Irons, Horn, Bell, Wipers, and Etched Metal Grills
  • Prototypical Light Operation - accurate for each paint scheme
  • Prototypically Accurate Sounds for the EMD SD45 Diesel Locomotive
  • Metal Kadee-compatible Couplers (2)
  • Will Operate on Code 70, Code 83, and Code 100 Rail
  • Minimum Operating Radius: 18 inches

Road-Specific Detail

  • Two short hood options
  • Three truck sideframe options
  • Three sunshade options
  • Dynamic brake hatch style
  • Wind Deflector/Mirror
  • Cab Window Armrest type
  • Cab roof antenna type and location
  • Rotary beacon type/location
  • Front headlight arrangement type
  • Rear numberboard type
  • Radiator fan type
  • Four front pilot options
  • Four rear pilot options
  • AC on cab roof - ATSF only
  • Multiple MU Receptacle arrangements
  • Prototypically accurate bell placement


In their first production, Broadway Limited is modeling eight railroads with prototypically accurate road numbers and paint schemes. Each model has the newest Paragon4 Sound/DC/DCC control system featuring Rolling Thunder, and equipped with integral GoPack capacitor packs. All of the models have road-specific details and lighting.