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HO GMD-1 Locomotive, with DCC & Sound, CN Noodle #1914

Item No. RPI10571
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4 out of 5 Customer Rating

HO GMD-1 Locomotive, with DCC & Sound, CN Noodle #1914

Item No. RPI10571
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Our iconic HO scale Canadian National GMD-1 diesel locomotives are back with the return of some favourite paint schemes with new numbers plus a couple of cool new road names too!
Key Features
  • Heavy Diecast Frame
  • Detailed Flexicoil Trucks
  • Separate Grab Irons
  • Front And Rear Plows
  • Minimum 18” Curve Radius
In The Box
  • (1) HO GMD-1 Locomotive


In this release, we’re featuring two of the most requested versions of our GMD-1: the four-axle original 1900-series as well as the 1400-series rebuilds, each available in a variety of accurate paint schemes.

Part of the initial order by CN, the 1900-series featured a B-B arrangement with Flexicoil trucks. Classified GRG-12n, the 1900-series GMD-1 was geared for 83 MPH and had a Vapor OK-4625 steam generator in the short hood. The 1900s were intended for commuter and other short-run passenger services and were delivered in 1958 and 1959 with many remaining in service until the late 1990s!

CN created the 1400-series rebuilds in 1989. Featuring a larger, 2000-gallon fuel tank and 4-wheel Flexicoil trucks, the 1400s also received upgraded power assemblies. These units ran long hood forward and were also got equipped with ditch lights. CN retired the last of the 1400s from service in 2021.

Despite being retired by CN, the GMD-1 has proven to be popular with second hand owners and in this release, we’re also excited to include two conditional paint schemes: Waterloo Central and Oregon Pacific! Donated by CN in 2021, Waterloo Central 1012 (former CN 1437) has been repainted into CN’s classic green scheme and is used today for both excursion service and freight duties. Oregon Pacific 1413 was obtained from CN in 2010 and operates today as the primary switcher on their East Portland Division.


  • Heavy diecast frame with super detailed piping and traction cables
  • Detailed Flexicoil trucks
  • Separate grab irons
  • Accurate sounds for both original and rebuilt units
  • Working ditch lights on 1400 series locomotives
  • Front and rear plows or pilot footboards where appropriate
  • DCC/Sound equipped units feature ESU V5 decoders
  • Minimum 18” curve radius recommended

Product Specifications

Scale HO