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Corvette 1970 Red/Yellow Wildfire

Item No. AFX22055
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3.8 out of 5 Customer Rating

Corvette 1970 Red/Yellow Wildfire

Item No. AFX22055
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Nothing beats the world famous sports car, the C3 3rd generation Corvette!
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Corvette C3

Designed by Russian Zora Arkus-Duntov, the body was patterned after the Mako Shark II designed in 1965. The C3 body would go on to be produced from 1968 through to 1982. Not only was the Corvette one of the coolest looking American sports cars, in its time it was also one of the fastest. Able to run at 140 mph with little to no effort, specific tires were designed to reliably sustain and stabilize the car at such high speeds.

In an effort to pack more punch in less space, Chevrolet focused on smaller-displacement engines and in 1970, they introduced the LT-1. A 350 cubic inch engine with factory rated 370 horsepower. An unprecedented size and number for sports cars at the time.


AFX Wild Fire Flames are proprietary custom designs. But they certainly weren’t the first folks to paint flames on the side of a hot rod.

The first flames to appear on a hot rod were literal flames. Captured in a perfectly timed photograph on October 20th, 1938 by the Carroll Photo Company. Driver Fred Friday zipped his car through Gilmore Stadium when his car alighted in flames from a fuel leak. The idea that a car had been driven so furiously as to emit flames inspired hot rod and muscle car fans across the country. Friday survived the race, happily, and totally unaware of what his unique race performance had ignited.

World War II followed swiftly after bringing with it the trend of “nose art” - the decorative painting of an aircraft’s front fuselage. Though originally intended to identify friendly planes, the practice quickly evolved into an expression of individuality. The aircraft “nose art” was showcased to the general public and the idea spread like, well, wildfire.

By the 1950s the custom hot rod craze peaked. Returning veterans were drawn to both the thrill of racing and the new outlet for self-expression. With the booming economy of post-war America, hot rodders and muscle car lovers brought their designs to life with access to custom parts and professional designers.

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