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Beaver 2000mm PNP V2 with Reflex

Item No. FMM090P1X
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3.5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Beaver 2000mm PNP V2 with Reflex

Item No. FMM090P1X
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Product Details

In The Box
  • (1) FMS 2000mm Ranger V2 PNP
  • (1) Product Manual
Needed to Complete
  • 5+ Channel Radio System
  • 6S LiPo Battery
  • Suitable LiPo battery charger


The FMS 2000mm Beaver V2 is a real "pilot's plane". Weighing in at just 3800g and having over 5000g of thrust–the Beaver V2 is a trainer with predictable handling characteristics, a weekend flyer with STOL capabilities and is, quite surprisingly, an aerobatic powerhouse that could even hover, if you ask it to! Realistic ailerons and flaps built into the hollowed-out wing structure gives the Beaver V2 excellent slow speed characteristics.

Landing lights, navigation lights and working strobes give that final touch of realism while optional floats and glider hitch add to the versatility of this versatile aircraft. Despite its large wingspan, the quick-release connector system on the wings and fuselage allow the Beaver to be easily transported.


  • Wing and fuselage connectors eliminate the need to plug in individual servo leads
  • Hollowed wing design reduces flying weight
  • Metal landing gear withstands the hardest of landings
  • LED landing ,navigation and strobe lights pre-installed
  • Realistic flaps for excellent slow speed performance
  • Oversized tires allow rough-field operations
  • Hassle-free, screw-together assembly
  • Oversized battery bay allows up to 6S batteries to fit comfortably
  • Long flight times!
  • Optional glider tow hitch (Sold Separately)
  • Optional floats (Sold Separately)
  • Upgraded interior–the Beaver V2 now features transparent windows with a cabin
  • Upgraded landing gear–New ball-bearing equipped wheels minimize rolling resistance and increases the service life of the landing gear
  • Servo connector built into the floats make float installation a breeze
  • An attractive red trim scheme now adorns the FMS 2000mm Beaver V2

Video Overview


FMS Reflex V2


Complete System Upgrade - Reflex V2 is Compatible with Most FMS Aircraft

The Reflex V2 is a user-upgradeable flight controller. Reflex V2 can be reprogrammed easily with different model files via a simple software - allowing pilots to use the same flight control unit as they progress to different aircraft. Flying is simple when you have your very own “co-pilot” — the Reflex V2!

Reflex Functions

Three flight modes are available: Stabilized, Optimized or Off. This is controlled with a two or three position switch on the transmitter. When assigned to a two position switch, the Reflex system changes between stabilized and optimized modes.

Stabilized mode: Designed for beginners, Reflex will rapidly level the aircraft from any attitude when this mode is activated. Stabilized mode combines accelerometer and gyro data to determine how to level the aircraft when the control sticks are released - giving pilots absolute peace of mind. Note: The aircraft will maintain level flight with 50-60% throttle, and the aircraft will climb under full throttle.

Optimized mode: Utilizing advanced solid-state gyros, the Reflex system maintains aircraft attitude by counteracting inflight upsets - for gusts to crosswinds. With Reflex, even small aircraft will fly with the confidence of something much larger!

Off: Turns off all gyro functionality, the aircraft is flown completely manually when the gyro is off.

Reflex V2 Overview


Software Installation


Product Specifications

Speed Control Included
Minimum Required Radio 6 Channel
Power Type Electric
Skill Level Level 3
Trim Scheme Colors Red and White
Wingspan 78.7" (1999 mm)
Receiver Sold Separately
LiPo Compatibility 6S
CG (Center of Gravity) 2.76 - 3.00 in (70 - 75mm) From Leading Edge
Completion Level Plug-N-Play
Propeller Size 15 x 9
Approximate Assembly Time Less than 1 Hour
Approximate Flight Time 8 minutes
Flaps Yes
Battery Sold Separately
Motor Size Brushless 4258-KV550
Product Length 51.3" (1303 mm)