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22.8V 6800mAh 6S 100C G-Tech Hardcase LiHV Battery: EC5

Item No. GEA686S10E5GT
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4.7 out of 5 Customer Rating

22.8V 6800mAh 6S 100C G-Tech Hardcase LiHV Battery: EC5

Item No. GEA686S10E5GT
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Welcome to a new era of charging with G-Tech Smart Charging Solution, where innovation meets simplicity and safety.
Key Features
  • Hard-Case Smart Battery
  • LED Power Indicator
  • Voltage Status Indicator
  • Self-Storage Mode
  • Automatic Overcharge Cut-Off
  • G-Tech Smart Charging Solution
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  • (1) G-tech 22.8V 6800mAh 6S 100C Hardcase LiHV Battery
22.8V 6800mAh 6S 100C G-Tech Hardcase LiHV Battery: EC5

Next Generation of RC Smart Batteries

The Advanced series design concept is based on being a more convenient, user friendly and safety oriented series of batteries.

Universal G-Tech Balance Connector

The batteries are equipped with a universal G-Tech balance connector, featuring a built-in ID chip. It retains the standard JST male balance connector format, with an additional pin added on the side. This intelligent connector streamlines charging processes and enhances compatibility across a wide range of devices.

Auto Charge Technology

Charging has never been easier. When paired with a G-Tech supported charger, the Auto Charge Technology eliminates the need for manual programming. Simply plug in your G-Tech battery and let our system handle the rest — a true plug-and-play solution.

Advanced Safety Measures

Gens Ace prioritizes your safety. The ID chip in G-Tech batteries stores essential data such as battery chemistry, specifications, and recommended charging parameters. This information is automatically detected by G-Tech supported chargers, preventing user errors and ensuring a secure charging experience.

Universal Compatibility

While optimized for G-Tech supported chargers, the batteries remain universally compatible. You can still charge them with other general chargers, though manual programming is required, similar to traditional LiPo batteries. This flexibility allows you to power up your devices wherever you go. Embrace convenience, reliability, and safety with G-Tech Smart Charging Solution. Upgrade your charging experience today and enjoy seamless power management like never before.

Electronics-Free Design

G-Tech Smart Charging Solution is crafted without complex circuits or electronics, ensuring it won't drain your battery unnecessarily. This streamlined design prioritizes efficiency, preserving your battery's power for when you need it most.

Ultra-Durable Hardcase for the Hardest of Bashes

For even the hardest of bashing, the Gens Ace Advanced Series of batteries includes a rugged designed, durable hardcase to take the worst of beatings.

New LED Power Indicator

With a simple push of a button, the LED indicator will display the battery's power-level, leaving old battery checkers obsolete! Each LED represents 25% of the battery's total charge level.

Voltage Indicator
Easy to Use Onboard Voltage Indicator

The LED indicator will flash red and blue if the cells are out of balance, or display a solid red light if the voltage is low.

Self-Storage Mode

If after 5 days the internal circuit board detects a charge level above 3.95v per cell, the Advanced battery circuit will begin self storage mode and stop when a storage level of 3.95v per cell is acheived.

Overcharge Cut-Off

If a charge failure occurs while attempting to overcharge the battery the power from the balance lead will cut off, protecting the battery from damage.

Product Specifications

Product Width 1.85" (47 mm)
Display LED Indicator
Hard Case Yes
Product Height 2.67" (68 mm)
Battery Type LiPo (3.7V per cell)
Capacity 6800mAh
Product Weight 33.96 oz (963g)
Short Circuit Protection No
Balance Lead Length 2.55" (65mm)
Number of Cells 6S
Wire Gauge 8 AWG
Battery Voltage 22.8V
Connector Type EC5
Discharge 100C
Discharge Lead Length 5.9" (150 mm)
Product Length 6.49" (165 mm)