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15LA ABN .15 Airplane Glow Engine with Muffler

Item No. OSMG0016
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5 out of 5 Customer Rating

15LA ABN .15 Airplane Glow Engine with Muffler

Item No. OSMG0016
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Product Details

Key Features
  • One-Piece natural finish crankcase
  • Non-ringed cylinder construction
  • Two Bronze Crankshaft Bushings (sometimes called oilite bearings)
  • Schnuerle Porting (Schnuerle scavenging)
  • Side Exhaust
  • Nylon Backplate with Remote Needle Valve
  • #10G carb with remote needle valve assembly
In The Box
  • Expansion-Style Muffler #871
  • .15LA Engine w/Carb
  • Instructions, Decal Sheet, and Warranty Card
  • Two 2.6x23mm screws to bolt muffler to engine
  • 1.5 inch length of fuel tubing for remote needle valve
  • One #A3 glow plug
Needed to Complete
  • Glow Fuel with 5-15% Nitromethane and 20% (minimum) lubricant content Glow starter, plug wrench and field equipment

The easy choice in sport performance!

Why burn daylight fiddling with a finicky motor? Take the easy way out, with an engine that's as powerful and dependable as the day is long: LA-Series engines from O.S. are flier favorites because they are easy: easy to afford, easy to run, easy to maintain — and hard to beat for powerful, dependable performance. That's because O.S. has worked hard to make them that way. With CNC-machined parts, for precise fit and finish. Heavy “webbing” on one-piece crankcases to resist distortion and prevent binding. A tall heat sink head and crankcase fins so LA engines cool better and last longer. And with nylon backplates that include an integral, molded-in fuel inlet and needle-valve holder.

O.S. Engines two year limited warranty

Product Specifications

Crankshaft Threads UNF1/4-28 M5
Muffler Weight 1.5oz (42g)
Cylinders Single
Product Width 1.6" (40mm) at mounting tabs
Engine (Only) Weight 4.87oz (138g) w/o muffler
Muffler Type 2-piece aluminum
Carb Type Rotary
Benchmark Prop 8x4 break-in
Displacement 0.15 cu in (2.49 cc)
Oil Type & Content At least 18% synthetic lubricant
Product Length 2.16" (56.5mm) from back plate to front of drive washer
Bore 0.598" (15.2mm)
Crankshaft Type Threaded
Power Type Glow
Plug Type O.S. A3
Stroke 0.539" (13.7mm)
Product Height 2.4" (61mm) crankcase botton to top of cylinder head
Prop Range 7x5-6 x 8x4-5
RPM Range 2,500 - 18,000