Build Your Own Combo

Save money by building your own combo!

At Tower Hobbies you can build your own combo for some of our most popular items. Our easy-to-use Build-Your-Own ComboTM interface allows you more choices in outfitting your radio-control model, while saving you money at the same time! For example, you may wish to choose a more powerful engine or a fancier radio system than is offered in our preselected combos. Building your own combo results in lower prices on the components when purchased at the same time as the kit. To get started, choose among the product groups listed below.
Build-Your-Own Combo TM Product Groups
Aircraft 1S 150mah LiPo Combo
Aircraft 2S 280mah LiPo Combo
Aircraft 2S 450-800mah LiPo Combo
Aircraft 3S 2200mah LiPo Combo
Aircraft 3S 3200mAh LiPo
Aircraft 3S 800mah LiPo Combo
Aircraft 3S-4S 2200mah LiPo Combo
Aircraft 4-6S LiPo Combo
Aircraft 4S LiPo
Aircraft 6S LiPo Combo
Eflite UMX LiPo/Charger Combo
Tamiya Battery/Charger RTR Combo
Tamiya RC Tank Combo
Vehicle Two 2S LiPo T-Connector Combo
Vehicles Powerstage (2) 2S or (2) 3S LiPos EC5 Combo
Vehicles Powerstage Bundle 2S or3S EC3 LiPos Combo
Vehicles Powerstage Bundle 2S EC3
Vehicles Powerstage Bundle 4S EC5
Vehicles 2S NIMH T-Connector/Charger Combo
Vehicles 2S T-Con Shorty LiPo/Charger Combo
Vehicles 2S T-Connector LiPo/Charger Combo