SIG 4-Star 54 .40-.46 GP/EP ARF Yellow 54"

Tower Stock# SIGA0044  •  Manufacturer Stock# SIGRC44EGARFY
Notes from our tech department:
This is the Radio Controlled,
Almost Ready to Fly 4-Star 54 EG in Yellow from Sig.
Ideal for transitioning from high-wing trainers to low-wing aerobatic planes.

This airplane can be built as glow or electric powered.


Construction: Balsa and ply, pre-built, pre-covered wing, fuselage
and tail sections, enlarged control surfaces for better response
at slow speeds, fully sheeted fuselage between canopy and fin for
smoother appearance and greater strength
Wing: Two-piece bolt-on
Aileron Control: Dual servo
Covering: High quality premium polyester self adhesive
Canopy: Clear plastic
Cowl: Painted fiberglass, new designed is streamlined for sleeker
more aggressive appearance
Landing Gear: One-piece prebent aluminum, main 2.5 (63.5mm) foam
wheels, 1 (25.4mm) rubber tailwheel
Wheel Pants: Painted fiberglass
Hatch: Wooden, removable for easy access
Motor Mount: Preassembled plywood
Engine Mount: Two-piece composite plastic
Fuel Tank: 6oz (180cc) approximate


Pre-built and covered wood wings, fuselage and tail assemblies
Wheels and hardware
Instruction manual


Glow Power-
Engine: .40-.46 cu. in. two-stroke or .40-.54 four-stroke
Fuel glow starter, prop building and field equipment
Electric Power-
Brushless Motor: 500-800 watt (800-1000 kv)
Electronic Speed Control: To match selected motor
LiPo Battery: 3-4S 4000-5000mAh
Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery
LiPo charging bag
Radio: 4 channel with 5 servos (glow) or 4 channel with 4 servos for
6 (152mm) Servo Extensions: Two for aileron servos
Y Harness: For aileron servos


Length: 47.5 (1206mm)
Wing Span: 54 (1372mm)
Wing Area: 585 sq in (37.7 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 5 - 5.5lbs (2268 - 2495g)
Wing Loading: 19.7 - 21.7 ozsq ft (60 - 66 gsq dm)
Airfoil: Semi-symmetrical
Configuration: Low wing
Center of Gravity (CG): 2-34 - 3-12 (70 - 89mm) back from the
leading edge of the wing at the fuselage
Control Throws Low Rates High Rates
Elevator (up & down): 58 15-50 expo 1 50-70 expo
Ailerons (up & down): 58 15-50 expo 1 50-70 expo
Rudder (right left): 34 15-40 expo 1-12 50 expo


If a replacement fuel tank is needed, the DuBro 6oz Square Tank
(DUBQ0206), or the 6oz Sullivan Slant Flextank (SULQ1738) may be
used. Some trimming and modifications may be required.

mgc 12915
jxs 021715



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