O.S. Electronic Control EC-2 160FX

Tower Stock# OSMG6957  •  Manufacturer Stock# 74001010
Notes from our tech department:
This is the Electronic Control Unit for the OS Max 1.60FX-FI engine.
Constant commands from the EC-2 Control Unit to the solenoid-operated valve
to fine-tune fuel flow over a wide range of flying conditions.


Plastic Case construction
Servo-Type wire hookups


One EC-2 Control unit
One dual servo extension
One 45mm x 30mm Double Sided Foam Tape


None, item is a stock part for the 1.60FX-FI engine.


EC-2 Case Dimensions
Length: 46.5mm (1.83")
Width: 31.5mm (1.24")
Height: 16.5mm (.65")
Channel Three Lead Length: 136mm (5.375")
Auxiliary(Trim) Lead Length: 130mm (5.125")


The Dual Servo extension is used for connection of the Throttle
Servo and Third Channel hook-up from the EC-2. The Dual Extension
is then pluged into the throttle channel on the receiver.
The Aux(Trim) Lead is then pluged into an auxilliary channel
on the receiver.
Here is a list of parts that complete the EC-2 Injection system:
OSMG6971 Temperature Sensor
Coverplate RPM Sensor
Injector Set

NNA 6/02/02


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