O.S. Flex Pipe FS40-52/FS56A 120mm 1010A

Tower Stock# OSMG2674  •  Manufacturer Stock# 72108300
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Notes from our tech department:
This flexible tubing replaces your existing header and allows you to
re-route your silencer farther away from the engine or cowl.

This ONLY fits the following engine(s):
FS-40, FS-48, & FS-52 Surpass

Features: Uses the silencer that came with the engine (it replaces the header)
Comes in 2 lengths 120mm (this one) and 240mm (OSMG2675)
Reroutes the exhaust to a more convenient location

Includes: One Flexible exhaust tube
Two Pipe nuts

Specs: Length (neglecting threaded part): 120mm (4.72")
Length (overall): 143mm (5.63")
Thread Size on Nut: 10mm
Diameter of Flex Pipe: 11mm (.433")
This pipe should NOT be bent in a diameter that is less than 4 times the
radius of the pipe (44mm or 1.73")
Bends in the pipe should be as far as possible AWAY from the threaded part
of the pipe. Final adjustment should be made in steps of only 2-3 at
a time. Repeated adjustment to alter the shape of the pipe will
weaken the pipe and cause it to break.
JBN 3.28.94



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