Futaba NT8JY NiCd 8C 9.6V 600mAh Transmitter

Tower Stock# FUTM1464  •  Manufacturer Stock# NT8JY
Notes from our tech department:
This is the Flat 8-Cell Transmitter Battery Pack for the:
2 CH: 2PEKA (will require removal of the White connector and soldering in
HCAM2000 male and female connectors or hard wire into transmitter.)
3 CH: 3PD
3 CH: 3PJ, 3PJS (will require cutting off the White connector and soldering
on the Futaba J connector that came on the original battery box to this pack
4 CH: 4NBL, 4NBF, 4NBP, 4VF, 4YBF
6 CH: 6XAS, 6XHS


Pre-assembled Nickel-Cadmium 8-cell battery pack (9.6V 600mAh)


One Transmitter Battery Pack wInternal White 2-Pin Type Connector
on a 8 wire lead (HSP56560)


8-cell: flat side-by-side configuration
Length: 4-38 (111mm)
Width: 2 (51mm)
Thickness: (12.7mm)
Voltage: 9.6
Ampere: 600mAh
Charge time and rates: Standard Charge: 50mAh 15 hours
Quick Charge: 150mAh 5 hours
Weight: 180 grams

COMMENT: These used to be 500mAh, but are now rated at 600mAh (600 NMH)
For use on the 2PCKA you will need to purchase connector HSP56560
and solder this onto the lead coming for the transmitter.
Updated JBM 1-18-06
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