Top Flite Giant P-47D Thunderbolt Gas RTC

Giant "Jug" - with big advantages for builders!

To pilots of small, streamlined fighters, the P-47D Thunderbolt looked much too massive for combat success. But "The Jug" proved them wrong - and also ranks as one of the safest single-seat fighters of WWII. This wood kit is modeled after the 366th Fighter Squadron's P47D-30-RA. Uniquely builder-friendly engineering and stable, forgiving flight characteristics make it a fine first (or next) giant scale project! This RTC (Ready To Cover) kit is just like the regular kit, but with the option to develop your own trim scheme.
Wingspan: 85 in (2160 mm) Wing Area: 1329 in² (85.7 dm²) Weight: 20-22 lb (9-10 kg) Wing Loading: 34-37 oz/ft² (104-113 g/dm²) Fuselage Length: 75 in (1905 mm) Requires: 2.1-2.8 cu in glow or 2.6-4.0 cu in gasoline engine; 5-7 channel radio with 10 servos (7 high-torque and 3 standard); main and tailwheel retracts
  • Precisely interlocking, CAD-engineered wood parts and vacuum-formed ABS plastic details simplify giant-scale assembly.
  • Elliptical wing with special S8036 and S8037 airfoils provide excellent flight performance using glow or gas engines.
  • Fully balsa-sheeted exterior provides an ideal surface for scale finishing - wide stance landing gear allows easy ground handling.
  • Dual servo flap and aileron control
  • Molded plastic cockpit with instrument panel, seat, floor, and more.
  • Molded plastic replica radial engine
  • Stabilizer and wing halves align on tubes.
  • Kit also contains instructions and most parts for optional P-47D Razorback construction.
  • Many Top Flite scale options available for increased authenticity, as well as custom-designed Robart retracts.
  • • Full IMAA legal hardware.
Top Flite Giant P-47D Thunderbolt Gas RTC - Engine
Enjoy exciting, forgiving warbird flight using a wide range of glow or gasoline engines.
Top Flite Giant P-47D Thunderbolt Gas RTC - Flaps
Each aileron and flap is operated by its own servo for greater control authority—and the security of knowing you have a "back up" if one servo fails.
Top Flite Giant P-47D Thunderbolt Gas RTC - Electronics Compartment
A spacious electronics compartment makes installing your servos a breeze!
Top Flite Giant P-47D Thunderbolt Gas RTC - Retracts
Retractable landing gear is available to match this one-of-a-kind kit.
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