Tamiya Frog Kit

Frog Kit

Another Tamiya blast from the past!

Introduced in '83, the Frog probably gave a lot of (now) 30-somethings their first taste of off-road speed and excitement. In fact, the Frog was probably the first "raceable" Tamiya buggy ever introduced. And now, Tamiya is ready to expose a whole new generation to the front with this uncannily accurate re-release. It's 1/10 scale and 2WD just like the original and the similarities don't stop there. Also included: the original's ABS ladder/space frame, horizontally mounted shocks (springs-only up front; oil in the back), ribbed front and pin-spike rear tires. The body and decals are the same, too, but there's good news there: nothing says you have to paint the lower body pink as it was on the box. The Frog is pure retro-off-road fun!

Length: 15.7 in, Width: 9 in, Height: 5.9 in, Requires: 2-channel radio w/2 servos, speed control, 6-cell flat pack and charger