ST Model DG-1000 EP Brushless RR

Catch more thermals for less, thanks to Tower Hobbies!

Spend more time catching thermals with the 79" span DG-1000 EP Brushless RR from STModel! A snap-and-lock EPO foam fuselage ensures maximum strength and minimizes assembly time. A pop-up motor pod allows for a sleek, aerodynamic airframe. A brushless motor, ESC and four micro servos are included, as are a clear canopy, removable wings and a 7x5 prop. The STModel DG-1000 EP Brushless RR – yet another great reason to shop at Tower Hobbies!
Wingspan: 79.1 in (2,010 mm) Wing Area: 349 in² (22.5 dm²) Wing Loading: 10.9 oz/ft² (33.3 g/dm²) Flying Weight: 36.5 oz (750 g) Length: 38.2 in (970 mm) Requirements: 6-channel radio, 11.1V 1300mAh LiPo battery, LiPo-compatible charger, and 8 "AA" batteries
  • Pop-up, fuselage-mounted motor pod retracts when throttle is pulled back, resulting in a clean, aerodynamic glider airframe.
  • PC connection (via USB port) allows users to keep track charge/discharge curves, voltage, temperature and amperage. Data can be suppressed or superimposed for comparison purposes.
  • Dual servo aileron control.
  • 7x5 prop.
  • Complete hardware package.
  • Complete decal set.
  • Removable wings allow for easy transport.
  • Clear canopy.
  • Self-aligning, snap-and-lock EPO foam fuselage reduces assembly time to about 30 minutes.
  • Two-piece, high aspect ratio wings with strong, lightweight wing tubes.
ST Model DG-1000 EP Brushless RR

ST Model DG-1000 EP Brushless RR - Parts
A tough EPO foam fuselage allows for precisely aligned construction and simplified assembly.
ST Model DG-1000 EP Brushless RR - Motor Pod
The DG-1000 EP Brushless RR features a pop-up motor pod for a clean, aerodynamic glider airframe!
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