Hobbico Accu-Glo II

The power panel with more...now has MUCH more!

The advanced design of the Accu-Glo MkII Power Panel means more convenience and easier control.
Input Voltage: 11-13V DC Input Voltage Indicators - Four LEDs: Green LED #2 = 12.5V or more, Green LED #1 = 12.0V or more, Amber LED = 11.5V or more, Red LED = 11.0V or more Starter Jacks-Output Voltage: 12V DC, Fuel Pump Controls: yellow "FILL" pushbutton, red "EMPTY" pushbutton Glow Heat Power Circuit: automatic 1.5V heat adjustment, Glow Heat Status Indicators: green LED = "HOT" glow heat, red LED = "COLD" glow heat, Glow Heat Continuity Indicators: green LED = "GOOD" plug continuity, red LED = "BAD" plug continuity, Glow Starter Charger Current: 300-400mA constant current (not timed), Glow Starter Output Jack: glow starter mounting lug with LED, Case Size: 6.0 x 3.7 in (152 x 94 mm), Weight: 8.3 oz (235 g)
  • A built-in 300-400mA charger with LED and a mounting lug for attaching a Hot Shot. Provides constant charging of glow starters at the field.
  • 1.5 jacks and a simple adjustment dial allows for automatic glow heat customization to the model; once set, the Accu-Glo MkII automatically maintains proper heat, regardless of the plug's condition.
  • 12V jacks for connecting electric starters and fuel pumps, and 1.5V jacks for glow plugs. The fuel pump is controlled by simple, color-coded twin "FILL" and "EMPTY" pushbuttons.
Fuel Buttons
Easy-to-use color-coded FILL and EMPTY push-button controls for fuel pumps.
LED Lights
Customize your glow heat system to automatically adjust itself to changing conditions. Bright LEDs indicate if your glow plug is delivering the best heat possible.
The Accu-Glo MkII can power almost any of your field devices directly from a 12V battery.
4 Colored Lights
A bank of 4 colored LEDs next to the power switch provides a more accurate reading of field battery voltage levels.
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