Hobbico NexSTAR 46 ARF


Absolutely the best way to learn to fly!

The NexSTAR 46 ARF trainer has the prebuilt simplicity and revolutionary design features of the RTF version, but gives you the freedom to add the engine and radio system of your choice. The NexSTAR Precision Airfoil offers improved efficiency and lift, while SpinControl Airfoil Extensions provide lift even in a stall.

  • Balsa and plywood construction.
  • CenterCore™ molded composite main wing rib maintains perfect alignment. Wing halves are joined with a steel rod. A built-in aileron servo mount is included.
  • Wings feature a flat-bottom, high-mount configuration.
  • Custom one-piece, all-wood precision airfoil improves efficiency and lift for greater stability at all speeds.
  • SpinControl™ airfoil extensions are proven "wing droops" that provide lift even during a stall, keeping the NexSTAR level and you in control.
  • Flexible PivotFlex™ wing mount gives in the event of a mishap, yet it holds in place using just one bolt.
  • SpeedBrakes™ training flaps hold airspeed to a minimum, giving you more time to think and react. Smooth landings are ensured.
  • IsoSmooth™ engine mount reduces engine noise and damaging vibration.
  • Easy Align™ tail mounting system guides parts into place automatically, producing a strong, straight tail.
  • Snap Gear™ quick landing gear mounts install in 3 seconds, locking in place with a snap. The strongest landing gear you'll find on any R/C trainer!
  • Polyester-based white and red (with silver accents) heat shrink film covering.
  • Ready to fly in 3-5 hours.
  • Hobbico guarantees this kit free from defects in both material and workmanship at the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover any component part damaged by use or modification.

Wingspan: 68.8 in (1,746 mm) Wing Area: 722 in² (46 dm²) Wing Loading: 20-21 oz/ft² (61-66 g/dm²) Weight: 6.5-6.75 lb (2,835-3,060 g) Length: 56 in (1,420 mm) Requirements: Radio system with a minimum of 4 channels, 4 standard servos, 2-stroke .46 cu. in. (7.5 cc) engine, Model airplane fuel, Building and field equipment, Charging receiver and transmitter batteries (using the included charger)