Hobbico SuperStar 40 ARF

Learning to fly has never been this easy!

Regarded as the top-of-the-line trainer, the SuperStar 40 ARF has introduced more beginners to R/C flight than we can count! Its formula for success? Easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions, a superior design, exceptional reliability and smooth, stable flight that builds confidence.
Wingspan: 60 in (1,524 mm) Wing Area: 660 in2 (42.6 dm2) Weight: 5.5 lb (2,495 g) Requirements: 2-stroke .35-.46 (5.7-7.5 cc) engine, Radio system with a minimum of 4 channels, 4 standard servos, Building and field equipment
  • All-balsa parts are high quality and easier to repair than plastic or foam.
  • A stylish profile and dazzling MonoKote® trim scheme sets it apart from other trainers.
  • Comes with a complete package of quality GPM hardware, including fuel tank, motor mount, pushrods, spinner and more.
  • The reinforced tricycle-style landing gear withstands less-than-perfect landings; large diameter wheels provide excellent ground handling.
  • In the air, a large, flat-bottom wing and self-righting flight characteristics help keep you in control.
Hobbico SuperStar 40 ARF - Main Assemblies
Simply glue the main assemblies together...
Hobbico SuperStar 40 ARF - Engine
...bolt on the engine...
Hobbico SuperStar 40 ARF - Radio Electronics
...and install the radio.
Hobbico SuperStar 40 ARF - Parts Layout
Right out of the box, you can see the SuperStar is different from other kits. Most of the work is already done, including sub-assemblies that are already covered in Top Flite MonoKote film. Detailed, illustrated instructions assure success, no matter what your skill level.
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