Helimax 230Si™ RTF w/Camera

Intelligent tech, incredible action!

The 230Si from Helimax is the next generation in quadcopter technology. It incorporates great new features like Actual Direction Control, Return to Pilot and Altitude Control Management to make your job as a pilot easier. That helps you focus on what’s most important—having fun. Plus, the 230Si comes with a camera so you can choose whether you want to buzz around snapping photos and shooting video or you’d rather just concentrate on the fun of flying!
Diagonal: 230 mm (9.1 in), Weight: 132 g (4.7 oz), Requires: Nothing
  • Multi-color LED lighting system
  • Efficient gear drive
  • 1200mAh LiPo with charger
  • Helimax TX465 transmitter
  • Extra blades (4)

Helimax 230Si™ RTF w/Camera - Altitude Control Management
Push a button and the 230Si hovers at a preferred altitude.
Helimax 230Si™ RTF w/Camera - Actual Direction Control
Turn it on and the 230Si goes inthe same direction that you move the sticks - whether it's flying toward you or away from you.
Helimax 230Si™ RTF w/Camera - Return To Pilot
Bring the Quad back to its pilot automatically. Simply push a transmitter button. Built-in sensors call the model "home."
Helimax 230Si™ RTF w/Camera - Beginner and Expert Modes
Select Beginner or Expert flight modes from the transmitter. In Beginner mode, releasing the sticks lets the 230Si stabilize itself in flight — perfect when you're unsure of how to react. Expert mode turns off the TAGS-FX accelerometers, allowing greater maneuverability. Choose the mode that's right for you.
Helimax 230Si™ RTF w/Camera - TAGs-FX
Sensor Fusion Technology integrates data received from dual sources — a 3-axis gyro and a 3-axis accelerometer — and compensates immediately for any actions except those you command. TAGS-FX corrects unwanted movement in yaw, pitch and roll while also preventing drift in any direction.
Helimax 230Si™ RTF w/Camera - Fail-safe
If the radio signal is lost while flying, the 230Si enters into fail-safe mode. The model momentarily holds the altitude it has at the time of signal loss, and then it will slowly descend.
Helimax 230Si™ RTF w/Camera - Includes
Everything you need: 2.4GHz SLT radio, LiPo battery and balancing AC charger, "AA" batteries, Extra rotor blades

Helimax 230Si™ RTF w/Camera - Camera
Imagine taking videos and photos in flight with your 230Si! It’s available with an HD digital onboard camera included — plus 2GB memory card for saving your images. Onboard camera is not to be used for commercial ventures. Be sure to fly in a safe environment and respect the privacy of others.
Helimax 230Si™ RTF w/Camera - Size
Not only is the 230Si easier to control than smaller quads, but its larger size is more stable in flight. The onboard camera holds steady for taking the best photos and videos.
Helimax 230Si™ RTF w/Camera - Radio
All of the 230Si's intelligent technology — including Return to Pilot, Altitude Control Management, and TAGS-FX beginner/expert flight modes — is conveniently controlled right from its specially designed transmitter. The video and photo functions of camera-equipped versions are also remotely controlled.
Helimax 230Si™ RTF w/Camera - Battery
Comes with a large capacity, 1200mAh 1S LiPo battery and variable rate balancing AC LiPo charger. Fully charged, the battery provides flight times lasting up to 15 minutes.
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