Great Planes Super Stearman 1.20 Bipe ARF

Super Stearman 1.20 Bipe ARF

“Super” in every way — Almost-Ready-to-Fly 1.20 Sport/Scale Airplane.

Long considered the classic biplane, the versatile Stearman has assumed many roles, and has never failed to impress. Great Planes’ IMAA-legal scale model of the Super Stearman is just as impressive, with attention to detail evident throughout and flight characteristics that parallel that of the full-size plane.

  • Four ailerons (instead of two) give this Stearman “super” agility — especially when each is powered by its own servo. Coupling rods are supplied for when using only two servos.
  • The dual cockpits feature vacu-formed windscreens with painted frames, and come complete with a pair of scale pilot figures.
  • All main sections feature built-up balsa and plywood.
  • A steerable tailwheel assembly aids in ground handling.
  • The interplane struts and cabanes are preformed and prepainted.

Top Wingspan: 71.5 in (1815mm), Bottom Wingspan: 69 in (1755mm), Total Wing Area: 1466 sq in (94.6dm2), Weight: 14-15 lb (6.35-6.8kg), Fuselage Length: 56.75 in (1441mm), Wing Loading: 22-23.5 oz/sq ft (67-72g/dm2), Requires: 2-stroke or 4-stroke .91-1.20 cu in (15-19.5cc) engine, 4-channel radio w/5-7 servos