Great Planes Super Skybolt ARF

Super Skybolt ARF

Ready for show time in no time!

With the Super Skybolt ARF, the only things standing between the pilot and a first performance at the airfield are a few hours of fast, easy assembly. There's no need to build: The airframe is built light, strong and straight. And the performance is everything an aerobat could want: crisp and precise in execution, silky smooth in transition and adept at making a pilot's best look better than ever. The Super Skybolt offers the elegance of yesteryear's air show greats with the ease that comes with Great Planes' best ARF engineering.

  • Ready to take center stage in as little as 12-15 hours!
  • Almost a full pound lighter than the kit, for stronger climbs and quicker response overall.
  • Simplified strut design strengthens structures, speeds assembly — and eliminates unsightly screw-down brackets.
  • Fast, smooth and predictable in flight, with a long tail moment to ensure true tracking.
  • Performs classic air show maneuvers with ease and grace — just right for straight, level flight and impressive, low-level fly-bys!

Wingspan: 57 in (1450 mm) Wing Area: 924 sq in (60 dm2) Weight: 7.7 lb (3490 g) Length: 53 in (1345 mm) Wing Loading: 19.2 oz/sq ft (59g/dm2) Requires: 2-stroke .60-.75 cu in (10-13cc) or 4-stroke .70-.91 cu in (11.5-15cc) engine and a 4-channel radio w/5 servos